Smash Bros Kazuya Release Time & Character’s Attributes

Kazuya Mishima is the latest DLC fighter to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Similar to most Challenger Packs, Kazuya DLC also includes a new stage-based Mishima Dojo and many new music tracks. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has several fighting game representatives on the roster already. They include characters like Ryu, Ken, and Terry. Kazuya is the newest addition to this massive roster of 80 characters. The announcement for his addition came at the E3 Nintendo Direct on June 15, 2021. He is the fifth downloadable character from Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Super Smash Bros released Kazuya on June 29, 2021. Kazuya is the second playable character from Bandai Namco after Pac-Man. He is classified as Fighter #81. Kazuya’s voice actor since Tekken 4, Masanori Shinohara, has returned to reprise the role in Ultimate.

Kazuya has the most complex moveset of any player in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There are other additions in the Ultimate 12.0 update. There are a lot of music tracks as additions as well. There are up to 39 music tracks from Tekken. The update also brings new Mii fighter costumes for $0.75. Users can purchase Shante, Skyrim’s Dragonborn, Lloyd, and Dante. Nintendo is yet to announce another character that will arrive later this year. Apart from Kazuya Mishima, other characters were also recently added to the roster. They include Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 were also added. Min Min from Arms and Steve from Minecraft are other recent additions.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters

Kazuya is the latest addition to the massive roster of 80 charcaters in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Smash Bros Kazuya Release Time And Date

Kazuya saw its release on Smash Bros Ultimate at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. It was released in Europe and Asia on June 30, 2021. Kazuya comes as a part of Challenger Pack 10, which costs $5.99. Have you already purchased the second Fighters Pass? If yes, now you just have to update your copy of the game. Or else, you can buy it in a standalone pack for $5.99/£5.39. The character has arrived with a new stage, called Mishima Dojo, and 39 music tracks from the Tekken series.

The Character’s Attributes

Kazuya is a heavy brawler with a dominant ground offense attribute. He has a wide range of grounded moves. His command specials consist of exclusively grounded moves — grabs, throws, punches, and kicks. Several of his attacks pack a serious punch and inflict great damage and knockback. However, both his movement and attack speed are not quite on par. He has a diverse set of micro spacing options and ways to close in the distance. It includes a kicking move that’s capable of reflection. There’s also a quick dash that grants intangibility, and attacks that move him forward or backward by a smidge.

Kazuya move setKazuya move set

Kazuya is the second playable character from Bandai Namco.

This also allows him greater control of his grounded movements than the rest. Kazuya’s attributes are reflective of his ground-focused playstyle. Movement speed-wise, he’s rather slow and requires the use of his kit to better close the distance. Although his double jump is very high, his walk and dash speeds are lackluster. His airspeed is particularly slow. He also has one of the lowest jumps in the game. Since Kazuya’s status is that of downloadable content, he doesn’t have a legitimate role in World of Light. He can be unlocked for use after freeing 10 fighters from Galeem’s control.

Fighter Spirit

You can obtain Kazuya’s fighter spirit by completing Classic Mode. It’s also temporarily available in the shop where you can buy it off for 300 coins. Upon unlocking the character in World of Light, the player will be able to preview the first spirit in the Spirit List under the name “???” However, it can’t be used as a fighter spirit in the Spirit Battles. It’s purely for aesthetic purposes during Spirit Battles. This spirit also uses its artwork from Ultimate rather than from a previous appearance. This makes him the only DLC fighter to have this distinction. Kazuya’s coat outfit also has a Fighter Spirit that you can avail yourself through the shop. This Fighter Spirit, however, uses artwork from Tekken 7.

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