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Sony Streams Ultraviolet: Code 044, Viper’s Creed Anime on YouTube

Sony‘s Throwback Toons YouTube channel began streaming the second episode of the Ultraviolet: Code 044 anime on April 20 and the 11th episode of the Viper’s Creed anime on Saturday.

Ultraviolet: Code 044

Viper’s Creed

Sony Pictures released the Kurozuka, Ultraviolet: Code 044, and Viper’s Creed anime on DVD in the United States in December 2012. The Throwback Toons channel began streaming the first episode of the Kurozuka anime on April 6.

Throwback Toons describes the Ultraviolet: Code 044 anime:

044 is ordered to infiltrate the assembly of Phages in the Neo Tokyo sewer system to find their leader, King. There she finds Luka, a young man who has made a promise to kill her. They fight, however, before 044 can kill him, he chooses his own fate by diving into the sewer. In this encounter something deep within 044 is awakened and thus she rescues Luka, whom she was to kill.

The 2008 12-episode Ultraviolet: Code 044 anime adapted Kurt Wimmer’s 2006 live-action Ultraviolet film, which starred Milla Jovovich. The late director Osamu Dezaki (Ashita no Joe, Aim for the Ace!, Rose of Versailles) worked with the anime studios Madhouse and Tezuka Productions on this project. Romi Park (Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Ed, NANA‘s Nana Osaki) voiced the main character “044,” a female warrior genetically engineered with high combat skills and ordered by the government to annihilate a vampire army. 

Throwback Toons describes the Viper’s Creed anime:

Theresia and the renegade military faction are able to seize control of AGS with help from Ulla, who has been assisting them all along from the shadows. A Bugmech is launched against the public to further blame Saiki and the other Blademen as “terrorists”. Saiki and the other Blademen, including Kariya, remain in hiding while receiving assistance from an unlikely ally.

Shinji Aramaki (Megazone 23 Part III, Appleseed films, Halo Legends, Starship Troopers: Invasion) served as the chief director of the television anime series at the studio AIC Spirits. The anime premiered in 2009 and had 12-episodes.

The Throwback Toons YouTube channel began streaming the Marvel Anime: Iron Man series on July 31, Marvel Anime: Wolverine series on August 21, and the Marvel Anime: X-Men series on August 29. It also began streaming Madhouse‘s anime adaptation of Marvel ComicsBlade franchise on September 3.

Source: Sony‘s Throwback Toons YouTube channel (link 2)

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