October 18, 2021

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Spoiler: There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead Chapter 3 (Article Ready)

There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead Chapter 3

There Were Time When I Wished You Were Dead Chapter 3 is coming out soon. It is a Korean manhwa launched on the Naver network. There are many manhwas available based on “enemies to lovers” type. It seems this manhwa is also one of them where the main leads begin from being enemies and end up becoming lovers. The plot seems cliché, doesn’t it? The manhwa is adapted from the novel, and also only two chapters have been released. Therefore, it is too early to make assumptions. If you enjoy reading the plot of enemies to lovers, this would be a perfect match to add to your reading list.

The manhwa There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead is adapted from the novel with the same title by Jin Seo. The novel is completed in the Korean language and has been adapted into manhwa this year. So far, the novel has received good feedback making fans eager for the newly launched manhwa. Many manhwas do not follow the exact storyline of the novels. That could also happen in this case. But from the look of the first two chapters, it is unlikely to happen. The story has started based on the novel making fans feel a variety of emotions. You will know what we are implying once you read the plot summary and spoilers.

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There Were Times I Wished You Were Dead Chapter 3 Release Date

There Were Times I Wished You Were Dead Chapter 3 will release on 11 August 2021 on Naver. The manhwa is written by Jin Seo, Aran, and premiered on 28 July 2021. Until now, two chapters have been released. There is no chapter schedule. But from the novel plot, the manhwa may cross 100 chapters at least. Every new chapter will be uploaded once a week every Wednesday on the Naver platform.

The manhwa is currently ongoing and only available on Naver. Korean readers or those who can read the Korean language can read it on Naver. Unfortunately for international readers, the manhwa is not available in the English language yet. The possibility of it getting licensed to translate in English is high. However, the readers may have to wait few months for it. The writer and the artist put so much effort into their work. Hence, we highly suggest the readers to the manhwa only on the official website or licensed site for the English version. That way, readers will be able to support their work.

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Plot Summary

There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead is a Korean romantic manhwa that falls under drama, fantasy, and magic genres. The story revolves around The Emperor of Croisen and Empress Yvonne. The plot follows The Emperor hating his Empress to the point he wishes her to disappear three times a day. Empress is a daughter of the Duke of Delois, who The Emperor loathes. The daughter resembling the father is one of the main reasons The Emperor dislikes her.

There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead Chapter 3

There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead

However, no matter how much he insults her, she remains indifferent and aloof. Her aloofness and dull character make him feel even more terrible. It seems he does not even care whether she disappear or die; all he wants from her is not to show up in front of him. He is fine as long as he does not see her face. That wish came true, but when he no longer wished to happen it. Therefore, one must always be careful while wishing for something. You never know what would happen.

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Like we mentioned, the first two chapters of the manhwa have been released. The first chapter begins with a party scene where the Emperor of Croisen, Karloi Crosein, dances with a lady. It appears that the lady is not The Empress, which leads to gossips among spectacles. The audience, including Duke Hans Delois, the father of The Empress, seems annoyed by his behavior. Other ladies try to console The Empress and the only daughter of Duke Delois, Yvonne Delois. However, she remains indifferent.

There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead Chapter 3There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead Chapter 3

The Emperor Karloi and Empress Yvonne

It appears that the party is held in the celebration of one anniversary of The Emperor and Empress marriage. After ending his dance, Karloi announces transforming his queen position to the daughter of Marquis Roden, Kiana Roden. He states that he is with Lady Roden because The Empress has not given the heir yet. Karloi and Lady Roden act like love birds in front of Yvonne and the audience. However, the surprising thing is that when Karloi asks whether Yvonne has any problem with his decision, she calmly accepts it. As if she is not bothered about his cruel behavior. Annoyed by Yvonne’s aloofness, Karloi tries to hide his emotion and leave the party hall with Lady Roden but not before gritting his teeth in defeat.

The second chapter shows the scene of The Emperor and Empress’s marriage day. The chapter enlights on the relationship between Duke Delois and Karloi. It appears that when The Emperor was young, he was kidnapped by a group of nobles in which Duke Delois was there. It is a small flashback that roughly explains why he hates Duke Delois and his daughter. After marriage, both remain within their own boundaries. The second chapter is more like of actual beginning of their journey. To know how their relationship will turn in the future, read the manhwa There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead.

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