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Spoiler: What Happens To Wormtail In Harry Potter (Article ready)


Many Potterheads may want to know what happened to Wormtail in Harry Potter. Wormtail is also known as Peter Pettigrew is one of the main antagonists who died in the Harry Potter series. Peter has his own story to tell before and after he entered Hogwarts. During the film series, he is best known as the servant of Lord Voldemort. He is also a significant role player in the rebirth of Lord Voldemort. Throughout his life, Petter had made various decisions that lead him to be cowardly, betraying others which made his character more despicable. In the end, some may pity him for directing his life in the abyss of darkness.

Harry Potter is one of the famous novel series of all time. The novel is written by J. K Bowling and adapted into filmed series divided into eight parts. Each character and the actors who play those characters have excellent delivery of the storyline. The film cast some child actors who turned out to be the most outstanding actors known across the globe, such as Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson. In the film series, various antagonists appeared. One of the antagonists that stand out is Peter Pettigrew, played by Timothy Spall. He goes by different names such as Wormtail, Scabbers, and Wormy. His ambiguous death in the film made fans confused as the scene was slightly different from the novel.

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What Happened To Wormtail In Harry Potter?

The story turns in a new direction with Wormtail’s betrayal. Peter betrays Harry by revealing their location to Lord Voldemort and went into hiding. Sirius confronts him in populated towns of muggles. It seems Wormtail lead a dangerous charm, killing twelve muggles and faking his own death by cutting his finger. It seems he wants to frame Sirius for his crime. Later, Pettigrew transforms into a rat, his animagus form, and starts living with the Weasley’s for twelve years. While living with Weasley, he is known as Scabber.

At the starting of the Prisoners of Azkaban, Sirius sees Peter in his animagus form in a newspapers clipping with the Weasley family in Egypt. He immediately escapes Azkaban transferring into his hound form and misleading the Dementors completely, as they can not sense animals. Peter, on the other hand, learns about his past friend’s escape and becomes ill. That year Ron takes Peter to Hogwarts. During the journey, Pettigrew experiences a near-death occurrence and would have died at the hand of Crookshanks. She deliberately tries to attack him, knowing he is an animagus.



How Did Harry Find Peter?

Harry saw Peter on the Marauder’s Map given by Fred and George. Harry goes to find him but gets caught by Lupin and admits that he saw Peter on the Map. However, Lupin does not believe and states that was not possible. Afterward, to gain access to Hogwarts, Lupin supports Sirius. Their plan of getting Peter works as Sirius tricks Ron and drags him beneath to Whomping Willow towards the Shrieking Shack. Harry and Hermione follow them, and Harry confronts Sirius. At the same time, Remus appears and reveals that he and Sirius are friends.

Sirius grabs Peter and transforms him back to his human form. Here is the important part where Harry saves Peter from Remus and Sirius. This is where Peter owes Harry a debt for saving his life. Finding his chance, Peter escapes, transforming into his animagus form. He travels to Albania and encounters Lord Voldemort and set to serve him.

How Did Wormtail Die?

When Harry and Cedric touch the cup, it took them to the graveyard, where Peter and Lord Voldemort are already there. They approach Harry and Cedric. Peter kills Cedric using the killing curse and ties Harry to a statue. Peter begins the ritual to grant Voldemort a new physical form where he even sacrifices his own hand. For his successful ritual, Voldemort rewards Peter with a stronger silver hand. During Voldemort and Harry’s fight, they create a Priori Incantatem, and Harry escapes from there.



Afterward, Peter is known as Wormrtail and also serves Lord Voldemort. In Deathly Hallows Part 1, He appears in Malloy Manor for transporting prisoners to Bellatrix so he could torture them and reclaim information. At the beginning of the fight, Peter strangles Harry. However, hesitation takes place when he reminds of his debt of owning his life. At that moment of hesitation, His own silver hand begins strangling him. Voldemort had enchanted the hand to senescence the betrayal, and sequentially, punishment would befall upon Peter. That is what happened to Peter as he dies for betraying and not completing Lord Voldemort’s order.

That has happened in the novel. However, in the movie, the scene is different. In Malfoy Manor’s cellar, peter gets attack by Dobby. His fate, or should we say the last scene has been left ambiguous. Afterward, he was never seen again, which means he either died at the hand of Dobby or Lord Voldemort killed him when he arrived at the Manor. In both cases, Wormtail met his death which was written for him.

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