September 16, 2021

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Home » Spoilers: One Piece Chapter 1022 (Article ready)

Spoilers: One Piece Chapter 1022 (Article ready)

Hawkins One Piece Anime

All of the Tobiroppo has finally fallen in One Piece 1022 spoilers that came earlier than usual this week. One Piece manga is currently on a WSJ break, and we will not have a chapter release for the upcoming weekend. The updates from the upcoming chapter spoilers already look interesting and are promising a lot of action to follow from here on. We are getting updates from other battlefronts that we have not seen in a while, and only the elite remain, so their battles will be at the next level.

The latest chapter of the manga just concluded the last fight of the Tobiroppo, with Robin and Brook emerging victorious. So the manga will not take any longer as it will be heading straight into the fights of the All-Stars in the next chapter. This should be interesting because no matter how the manga continues from here on, it will be the battle of the most advanced individuals we have ever seen in the manga.

We also got more updates from Kidd’s side, which we last saw in pursuit of Big Mom with Law following them. Hawkins also makes an appearance, and once again, he is being the usual gut that we know. He appeared to have made sufficient preparations before the battles thanks to his cards that always gave him hints about what will happen in the future.

So far, we haven’t got many updates from Law’s side, so he is probably keeping Big Mom at bay with Kidd and his crew. Hawkins linking Kidd to his powers might come as an annoying move for the worst generation, so Killer will have to be careful when facing Hawkins as the outcome will also have an impact on Kidd. But this is no more than a time-buying tactic for Hawkins, who just want to survive through this war.

Hawkins One Piece Anime

Hawkins | One Piece Anime

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One Piece Chapter 1022 Spoilers

We have received the latest One Piece 1022 spoilers thanks to Redon from Arlong park forums courtesy of the  One Piece Subreddit.

The chapter is titled “Ornament” (might differ from official translations)

  • Raizo will face Fukurokuju on a 1 v 1.
  • The defeat of all Tobiroppo is broadcasted throughout Onigashima.
  • Only 15 minutes remain till Onigashima crash in the Flower Capital.
  • Killer vs. Hawkins, Hawkins reveals that he has linked a straw doll to Kid.
  • Sanji vs. Queen and King
  • Sanji is having a hard time fighting both King and Queen at the same time.
  • Nekomamushi stops Marco from intervening, who was about to shoot an arrow at Sanji.
  • Marco steps in to block King’s attack as Sanji is overwhelmed.
  • Marco tells King that he once heard about a race that can manipulate fire that used to live on the Red Line.
  • Zoro fully recovers, and at the end of the chapter, he appears together with Sanji attacking King and Queen in an amazing double spread page.
  • Zoro to Sanji: If we win this battle…
  • Sanji: Yes, we will be closer to that…
  • Zoro and Sanji altogether: Luffy will become the King of the Pirates


The Wano Raid Intensifies

Taking a look at the latest spoilers and the direction that the upcoming chapters will take. We can already see that this battle is at least at the All-Stars level. The All-Stars are Kaidou’s crew that only comes after him; this means that in the Beast Pirates, Kaidou is the only one more powerful than them.

The same applies to Big Mom’s side, as Big Mom brought only the most powerful candidates from her crew. We only have very few headliners left in this fight, with the likes of Hawkins still standing. So soon, we should also see what happens with X Drake, who has switched sides.

As time goes, Kaidou and his alliance continue to lose numbers, so soon the Samurai side will be even with them as the fight intensifies. We should wait and see how this will continue. And with Zoro back in the fight, then we should only see his best for this time since there is a high chance the recovery medicine he took will not work for the second time.

We also have other interesting battlefronts like Law’s side that we will probably see more developments in the upcoming chapters as well.

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