September 24, 2021

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Spoilers & Preview: Moshi Fanren Chapter 369

Moshi Fanren

Moshi Fanren Chapter 369 will release within three days since we have just received the updates of the recent chapter. Duan vs. Zuo continues after she manifest and turned into a powerful monster. Zuo realizes that he was respecting Duan to unleashed this new gigantic form. He discovers that when Duan became more robust, she absorbs energy from the shield, making it stronger. Zuo believes that that level 4 master can break her shield. But Ren Yan and Qi Lin have no time to do that since they are brawling with the other beasts. Sang Biao arives and toss a green gem to Zuo.

Zuo decided to use that gem and transforms into a mighty warrior. Sang Biao told Zuo that he is entering the fourth stage and no absorbing anything, and he must be careful since he can fall unconscious. Zuo told Ren and Lin to drive the beasts outside since the intense battle is about to begin. Duan told Zuo that she knows what to do from the beginning and that he wants to weaken the shield through her. Zuo replies that he has been waiting to meet with her for a long time.

Duan comments that she followed Zuo’s plans and allowed him to shower her with barrages while buying time for her shield to restore. She adds that the shield has got repaired, and it will be easy to kill Zuo. Duan attacks with a massive slash, but Zuo survived the blows, and she gets furious that she missed killing him with a single blow. Zuo wielded a long razor blade and used it to cut all of Duan’s attacks. Zuo asks her if she can do after turning into a gigantic beast and restoring her powers.

Previously on Moshi Fanren Chapter 368

Duan realizes that she consumed went percent of the energy in the shield, and Zuo repulsed her in one hit. She wonders how he can be stronger in that human body and thinks that Zuo is in a fixed patterns period. Zuo wielded his blade and told her that if she can’t show entertainment, it is time for him to teach her how it is done. Zuo adds that he will help her get weaker, but she can fight back if she is interested or surrender. Duan replies that Zuo can admit that he is not on her level, but he will die today.

Moshi Fanren

Moshi Fanren

Zuo comments that he doesn’t care, and Duan felt a massive Aura and realizes that s fixed pattern period gut can’t possess such immense Aura and wonders what Zuo’s level is. Duan decides to go for eighty percent since Zuo is proving to be a worthy opponent. Even if the shield powers run out, Duan is ready for anything as long as she kills Zuo with her last blow. Duan landed a colossal strike and shouted that she had won, thinking she had smashed Zuo to death.

Ren and Lin returns and begins to break the shield and Duan notice that she is losing her powers. Duan shouts at the two to stop ruining her plans and find that Zuo survived that blow. Zuo uses half of his power to survive the blast, and Duan learns that he was not fighting at full force ever since the battle has begun. The two clashed their swords, and Zuo told Lin and Ren to keep attacking since the shield is weak and he will take care of Duan. Duan said to them that she wouldn’t let them do what they want. Zuo cuts her, but he saw something emerging. The battle continues next chapter.

Moshi Fanren Chapter 369 Release Date

Moshi Fanren Chapter 369 will be released on 15 August 2021. This manga will release the new chapter soon, and it will be the earliest day we update the next chapter. The upcoming chapter of  Moshi Fanren will be available after the upcoming chapter release. The manga is working on a three to two days release. We don’t have ways to get the chapters of Moshi Fanren officially. Also Read: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Delayed: Here’s Why.

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