Spoilers & Preview: My Hero Academia Chapter 323 (Article ready)

Deku is about to return to U.A High since Class A has arrived at the scene and managed to capture him. Let’s find how Class A will convince Deku to return to My Hero Academia. In the last chapter, Deku told his friends that the battle is between All For One vs. One For All, and they will settle the score without interfering. Deku realizes that All For One told him that ”he is next” since All Might has lost that battling groove. He told his friends to give up and return without him.

But Ochaco reminds Deku about that time when Bakugo got kidnapped. Deku managed to dodge her attack, and Ochaco calls  Class A  to help her. Fumikage:  Dark Shadow, Bakugo, Sato, and Shoto tried to restrain Deku. But Bakugo realizes that he has to talk with Deku, and Tenya talked with Deku, who refuses and tells them to free him. Deku and Tenya end up shedding tears after Teny’s words touched Deku’s heart. The chapter title: ”Great Explosion God DynaMight.”

The chapter begins with Deku talking with the students and comments that he should break free from Tenya Lida’s hand, but he lacks the strength to do it. Ochako releases her Quirk, and they both fall, but Kirishima is ready to catch them. Kirishima comments that a long time ago, he learned the stories of a boy who saves one of their classmates from a Villain and asks if it is him. Tenya is glad that Kirishima was ready to rescue them and said that it is Endeavor’s orders.

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Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 322

Mina talks with  Deku about returning to U.A. High for the sake of the to continue with classes together. Deku replies that he is glad to do that, but he is afraid to put everyone in danger. Bakugo joins the two and asks if Deku remembers what he told him after Tomura Shigaraki’s attack. Deku replies that he doesn’t remember, and Bakugo told Deku not to try to win this alone and talked about how he feels about Deku. Bakugou also reveals how he belive that Deku was looking at him as weak and how he can surpass him. Later the students’ appearance changed to their uniform and head to U. A High where Bakugo calls Deku “Izuku.” Bakugo looks down and apologizes for everything that he has done until now.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Deku At U.A High

He said that the path the One For All, Deku, and All Might was the right one, but there is a barrier to what they can do by themselves. Bakugou asks Deku to open up with everyone and stop carrying the burden alone since surpassing All Might; they have to protect  U.A High and the civilians. Deku realizes that he told the students they are not on his level and regrets looking down at them. But he was scared to lose them. When he is about to apologize, he falls unconscious, and Bakugo catches him.

Later, Deku regains consciousness and finds that they will reach U.A. High No. 13 and is with them. Suddenly the U.A. barrier activates, looking like a giant iron fortress. The students are glad to see that, and they comment that Deku will remain safe since the barrier is more substantial. Meanwhile, the citizens begin protesting and chants that Deku is not allowed U.A. since he is a boy who Tomura Shigaraki is persuing.

Present Mic tries to convince the citizens, but they claim that Deku’s presence lures danger to everyone around him or his area. Deku got touched by those words and begins to walk quickly to leave the U.A. Ochako suddenly grabs Deku before he escapes and tells him that it is okay.  She realizes that she can allow what the students worked hard to get wasted and asks, “who will save heroes when they’re in pain.” The chapter ends with Ochako turning.

My Hero Academia Chapter 323 Release Date

My Hero: Academia Chapter 323 release date is 15 August 2021. You can get My Hero Academia for free officially on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus. The chapters of My Hero Academia are available every Sunday unless they get delayed. The spoilers of the manga release before the latest chapter releases.

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