Spoilers & Preview: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218

Takemichi has discovered that BRAHMAN’s top is a girl named Senju. The two had a wonderful time shopping together, and Senju told Takemichi about her two siblings. When she leaves the shop, Takemichi had a vision of him crying in front of dead Senju. Takemichi wonders why he had that dream. Senju promised Takemichi that they would spend time together again and had choco ice cream. Let’s look at what awaits Takemichi and his friends in the recent chapter of Tokyo Revengers. The chapter title is ”Have Never Seen Anything Like It.” Takemichi walks alone while still thing about that vision.

Draken calls out Takemichi’s name, and he apologizes for getting lost in his world. They both walk together to an old apartment that Draken has stayed in ever since childhood. Takemichi is surprised that Draken is still living here, and Draken comments that he can’t make a better living selling bikes, but they are helping him. Takemichi remembers that Draken stayed on the fourth floor, and Draken likes that Takenichi has good memories. They both head to the third floor, but Takemichi is surprised when he pressed the lift button; he finds blood on his hands.

Surprisingly, Takemichiki looks at himself, finds that the blood is gone, and wonders if he is getting crazy. When they arrive, Draken introduces Takemichi to Masamichi, the man who raised him since childhood. The two greet each other, and the ladies who know Draken call him with the other nickname Kenny. Three hotties ask Kenny if he is not busy, and he can join them, and they will enjoy touching his ABS. Draken told the hotties that he will talk with them later.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217 Highlights

Takemichi notices that he knows those girls and asks Draken if they are still staying here. Draken replies that they are new girls, and those have disappeared since the world is changing. They both entered the big room, and Draken comments that he left the old space and receives this old storage room. Takemichi is glad that Draken keeps precious memories of Toman, aka Tokyo Manji Gang, and even there in the photos. Takemichi saw a picture of Emma, Hina’s friend, and his memory trigger by he managed to gather himself.

Draken reveals that he still dreams about Emma and realizes that she told him to help Mikey. Draken also said he couldn’t leave without Mikey, and he needs him. Takemichi realizes that it is why Draken joined BRAHMAN to keep his promise to Emma and save Mikey. Draken asks Mikey to tell him about Mikey’s future. Takemichi replies that Mikey looked so thin and had trouble with sleeping. Mikey led BRAHMAN, a criminal organization, and told Takemichi he couldn’t suppress his black urges. Draken wonders what he meant by ”black urges.”

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Mikey’s Promise

Takemichi said that Hina was safe and everyone that supposed to die has survived. Two years ago, Mikey promised Takemichi that he ill protect everyone in Tokyo Manji Gang and Hina until they meet again. The future became as Mikey predicted, but only Mikey was left unhappy. Draken wonders what made Mikey sad in the end and wonders about black urges. Draken comments that Mikey has been preparing for the upcoming twelve years in two years, and it made Mikey push his friends away.

The day the trio battle, Mikey made them despise him. Takemichi is surprised how Mikey started the brawl, and Draken replies that he pushed them ways to make them better people. Draken wonders if it was Mikey’s way of sacrifice to keep his promise. Takemichi realizes that everything is about fulfilling that promise; Draken comments that the moron might have convinced Takemichi that they are doing the right thing. The two head out, and Draken asks why Takemichi joined BRAHMAN.

Takemichi replies that the time has changed, and it is not the same as the future. He thinks he might have changed the past, and Draken told Takemichi to prepare since anything can happen. Takemichi replies that they will bring Mikey back, and a lady bumps with him. The lady apologizes for spilling a drink that looks like a book on his clothes. Takemichi notices that it is tomato juice, and Draken reminds Takemichi that it is that time of the month. But Takemichi worries that it is his vision before and wonders if he can see the future.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 release date is 11 August 2021. This manga releases a new chapter every Wednesday once a week. Sometimes Tokyo Revengers manga takes a weekly break and releases two chapters per day. We will bring a new chapter every week and the recent updates about this manga. You can look at Spoilers & Recap: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217.

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