September 25, 2021

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Spoilers & Recap: Black Clover Chapter 303

Black Clover

We will be looking at the release of Black Clover Chapter 303 soon, but the manga will get delayed by another week. Few months have passed ever since the battle in the Spade Kingdom has begun. The manga will return after a few weeks since this month is the month of weekly breaks from many mangas like Black Clover. The Supreme Devil vs. Magic Knights continues with Asta’s arrival, where Megicula almost killed the Magic Knights and the Queen. Let’s find what the recent chapter has to offer below.

The Anti-Magic Boy: Asta has decided to rest as he buys time for the Devil Union to restore. Noelle decided to brawl with Megicula, and Udine formed a pact to end Megicula’s destructions. The chapter begins with Noelle attacking Megicula, and Asta praises her that she looks fantastic. Noelle reminds Asta to take care of Lolopechika. The chapter title is ”Convergence of Hope.” Noelle realizes that they lack more Saint Stage powers to kill the soldiers. The duo unleashes Picture Magic: Monster of Valhalla, and Rill prases Noelle that she posses Saint Stage, and Charlotte has a ”Special Anti Curse Attack.”

The Moster of Valhalla begins to smash the soldier while the trio advance to face Supreme Devil Megicula. Ril decided to back up the trio with his magic spells. Charlotte releases a super move called True Briar Magic: Crimson Vine Spear uses that against Megicula and her underlings. The battle is now at an intense stage. Megicula is impressed that humans are surpassing their limit, and she strengthens her army, and they change the barrages with humans. Megicula comments that she knew that humans would rise and attack at full force. But they are the ultimate playing thing.

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 302

Noelle makes her way while pulverizing the monsters. Rill warns Noelle to be careful, surprisingly the reinforcement arrives, and Luck killed the gigantic beast with a single slash. Nolle is glad to see Luck, who told her that he would clear the way for her as she follows him. Rill praised Luck and said he is getting inspired and realizes that things are getting better since lightning shows them the way. The unthinkable happened as Gaja wakes up from the dead and wonder if he is dead or alive.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Gaja is glad that he can still put on a show. Asta shouts that everyone is cool, and Gaja realizes that he can still fight for Queen Lolopechika. Luck is excited to see Gaja, who trained him back when they were in the Heart Kingdom. The two form a partnership to help Noelle defeat Megicula and avenge her mother’s death. Luck told Gaja that they could do this, and Gaja agrees. The duo uses the speed of lightning and thunder strikes to kill the beast on the path.

Megicula is surprised that her minions are getting smashed by humans. She witnesses Noelle making her way at full speed quickly. Noelle gets closer and tries to break the barrier around Megicula, who hurt her. Megicula reminds Noelle that even if she is still incomplete, she is still powerful than them. But she is impressed that they have reached this far. Megicula vows that they have reached a dead end while she vanished when they attack her. Nozel arrives and asks Megicula how dare she show up infront of his family, and he has been waiting to face her.

Black Clover Chapter 303 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 303 release date is 22 August 2021. The manga is back to its weekly release schedule of Sunday. But Black Clover manga will be out for two weeks due to a weekly break. We will keep on releasing new updates on this manga. Take a look at the following updates of Black Clover.

Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 303?

You can read Black Clover Chapter 303 online on Viz. Black Clover manga will continue Sunday official releases. Note Black Clover manga takes is delaying the upcoming chapter. Read the last latest three-chapter online on VIZ for free. You can look at Spoilers & Preview: Black Clover Chapter 302.

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