Spoilers & Recap: Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Chapter 234

Kobachi and Miko’s friendship has changed ever since Miko heard Kobachi saying they are ”friends in name only.” The two ignored each other and pas each other like strangers. Kobachi walks with her friends who saw Miko passing without talking and asks if something has happened between them. Kobachi told her friend that it is nothing. The latest chapter of Kaguya Sama Love Is War’s title is ”Kaguya Shinomiya’s Impossible Challenge: The Buddha’s Stone Beggin Bowl Part 8.”  Kobachi thinks what is happening is for the best. Miyuki finds Kaguya sitting alone and wonders why.

Miyuki asks Kaguya about what is bothering her, and Kaguya replies that girls are such a pain. She asks Miyuki if he doesn’t think the same about girls. Miyuki comments that not all of them are ”pain” and asks if something has happened. Kaguya narrates her case to Ishigmi. We have two girls and one guy, and those two girls are Omi and Oki, who are best friends. Omi likes the guy Oki has fallen in love with and notices that Oki is deeply in love with her boyfriend. Omi decided to give up and allow Oki to get her guy.

One day the boy got involved in an incident that involves the third girl he loves, and everyone criticizes the boy. But Oki failed to protect the boy, thinking that the rumors are true. Omi saw that, and she gets updates that Oki is not supporting the guy she loves. After few years, Oki and the boys end up on good terms and fall in love with him. But Omi has never found someone who loves her in her life and realizes that she loves the guy that Omi loves, but it is too late.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 233 Highlights

Miyuki comments that it is the story of the trion, and Kaguya asks Miyuki about the side she should take. Miyuki thinks that Omi didn’t like the boy that much. Kayuga asks him why he is saying that, and he replies that if Omi liked the boy, she would have made her move the moment the incident took place if Omi had done that, the boy would have noticed that she is supportive, and the two would have started going out.

Kaguya replies that it is not simple, and Miyuki thinks Kaguya ends up in the worst love triangle. She wonders if Omi and Oki made their move simultaneously, but Oki didn’t do that since she was afraid of the love triangle. Miyuki realizes that Oki chose friendship over the love she has for the guy. He thinks when love gets involved, it is easy for the friendship to break apart. Miyuki asks about Oki and how she gets closer to the boy.

Kaguya Sama Love is War

Kaguya Sama Love is War

Kaguya Love Triangle Story

Miyuki asks why Omi never made her move to the boy after so many years when Oki didn’t do anything. Kaguya replies that Oki prioritizes her friendship. Miyuki replies that there is no problem since she didn’t recognize the boy; Kaguya realizes that she has to choose between those two. The two talked about a famous idol group known as ”Bias” and how people have started to refer the classmate as ”Coworkers.” Both spoke about love and romance. Miyuki thinks that Omi wasn’t the boy to be happy.

They both think that friendship between girls is challenging. Kaguya wonders if the two girls should pressure the relationship or preserve their friendship. Kobachi arrived and told the president that the disciplinary committee wants to talk about the exchange event. Miyuki replies that he is coming and apologizes to Kaguya that he is living the story. Miko arrives and pas Kobachi without greeting.

Miyuki realizes that is the story that Kaguya is talking about, and now he gets where the story is going. Miko enters the room and talks with Kaguya. Kaguya asks her if she will make up with Kobachi. Miko replies that she will never intend to make up with someone who badmouths people on their back. Kaguya begins to convince Miko to forget about what happened and forgive Kobachi since her tongue slipped. The two had a long conversation, and Kaguya gives her reasons to make up with Kobachi.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 234 Release Date

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 234 release date is Thursday, 12 August 2021. You can officially read and support Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapters on VIZ. Kaguya Sama Love Is War will release a new chapter every Thursday unless they get delayed due to the weekly break. Every Thursday, we will bring a new chapter of Kaguya Sama Love Is War. You can look at Preview & Recap: Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Chapter 233.

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