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Spoilers & Recap: Martial Peak Chapter 1373

Martial Peak

Yang Kai has set on another journey and arrived at Monster Emperor Star and encounter six Beast Knights. He is traveling with his little sister, who is helping him to locate Old Man Li. The Beast Knights wonder why humans are in Monster Emperor Star. Their leader asks the two why they are here, and Kai replies that they lost their way and didn’t know where they are. Let’s find more about the encounter between Yang Kai and Beast Knights in the recent chapter of Martial Peak. The leader told Kai that they are in Red Moon Territory, the region under the jurisdiction of the Great Red Moon Tribal Lord.

Yang Kai replies that he knows the territory of Moon Tribal Lord, but he wants to know about the nearest city, and if they don’t mind, they can tell him Red Moon Tribal Loi’s palace’s location. One of the Beastkeers asks if Yang Kai is up to something and planning to do something about the Lord. Yang Kai replies that he knows someone who lives at Moon Tribal Lord’s palace and wants to see her. The Beast laughs at Kai and realizes that no one can meet with the Lady Tribal Lord unless summoned.

The Monster Race is not even allowed to enter the royal palace unless they get summoned. They wonder how a mere human can go there without getting called. The Beast reveals how Lady Lord has been kind to humans and if they have a friend who is a servant where she is living a luxurious life. Yang Kai thanks them for the advice and asks them if they can show him that place.

Martial Peak Chapter 1372 Highlights

The Beast Knight comments that humans are arrogant, so he can’t stand them, and ask why they have to show Kai directions. Yang Kai shows the Beast Knights high-ranked crystals, and they decided to tell him. One of Beast comments that Kai is a valuable human, giving all of the information he needs. They showed him the way to the royal castle as he thanks them as he leaves. The Beast Knights are impressed that Kai is one of a kind.

One of Beast asks his leader why he is letting a rich man slips on their hands. But Lady Chi Ye doesn’t allow them to kill humans, but no one will know if they kill those two and get all the wealth. The leader replies that they must not act like idiots since those two humans showed no fear when they were facing them, and they wouldn’t have travel so far if they were weaklings, and they must not mess will those two without investigating.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Shimmering Moon City

The young Beast thinks that the woman with Kai looks delicious, and she should have been his meal. The leader told the younger to stop talking nonsense since Eye Tribal Lord’s son is on his way, and they must find his whereabouts and inform Lady Tribal Lord. The crew realizes that they don’t have to mess up and must stick to their mission. The younger Beast keeps on talking alone since the instincts of eating women have triggered. He wonders how many women from their territory will get ruined at the Young Lord’s hand.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai and his little sister arrive in Shimmering Moon City. They notice that everyone is selling parts of monsters, and Kai comments that people are so fierce. Little sister show Kai about high-end materials they are selling. Yang Kai realizes that they can buy anything since few saint crystals are left, and his little sister begs him. They both approach the elves and purchase something.

Little sister reminds Kai about her refining pills, and Kai wonders why she is so obsessed with alchemy. Yang Kai is disappointed that the guards would never let him enter the castle since he is a human and he has few crystals to give them. An older man from the town approach Kai, asking him if something is bothering him. Kai told the lady that he wants to ask Lady Lord, and he wishes to meet with her. The two talk about how Kai can make his way to the castle.

Martial Peak Chapter 1373 Release Date

Martial Peak Chapter 1373 release date is 5 August 2021. The latest chapter of Martial Peak releases daily, with three to four chapters per day. We have no official sites to read the recent chapters of Martial Peak. Keep in mind that every week new updates and chapters of this manga will be available. You can look at Spoilers: That Time I Got-Reincarnated As Slime Season 2 Part 2 Episode 18.

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