Spoilers & Recap: Martial Peak Chapter 1376

Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang continued their travel and arrived at their destination, where they met with Qian Yan’s son. Sir Ba He show them some magic, and Yan wonders what Ba He is. The higher-ups wonder if Master Ba He is Lady Tribal Lord’s first general. The rumors spread Ba He got killed by Lady Tribal Lord and wonders how he is alive. Ba He and Yang Kai decided to head inside to see what is happening. Let’s look at what awaits the Yang Kai and Ba He in Martial Peak. Ba He wishes that people will calm down and avoid disturbance.

The two realize that the old master is the inn’s owner, and they decided to wait outside. Two guys from around confront Yang Kai wondering why this human is here. Ba He told the two that the human is his guest. Yang Kai wonders why Ba He is protecting him and what he is planning. One of the elves smells th scent of the pill and realizes that it is coming from the inn. The sky above the inn changed a huge blue portal opens. The citizens wonder if the phenomenon got caused by alchemy.

The elves notice Ba He doing something and wonders if he wants to monopolize the pill. The duo decided to join forces against Master Ba He thinking that he can’t take on two-on-one. They realize that Master Ba He remained hidden for two hundred years, and now he has revealed his identity in front of the public, and something is fishy. Ba He asks Kai if he wants to visit his friends, but the process is risky. Ba He also told Yang Kai to believe him.

Martial Peak Chapter 1375 Highlights

Yang Kai realizes that Master Ba-He has his ways to enter the castle without getting in trouble. Ba He realizes that the alchemist who refined the pill must be the Grandmaster Level Figure. He talked about the Lady Tribal Lord and how she recognizes talents. The elves wonder if something will happen to the Grandmaster and tell Ma Ge Na to take responsibility.

The leader of the elves army told his men to create a space of a hundred-meter radius in the inn. The leader orders them to kill anyone who tries to trespass. Yang Kai realizes that Master Ba-He didn’t reveal his identity to help Xiang and wonders what the purpose is. Ba He told Yang Kai that it is not about helping him, but his goal is to return to the place and asks Lady Tribal Lord for forgiveness. Yang Kai learns that Ba-He wants to ask for his help with refining a pill.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce

Meanwhile, Lady Tribal Lord wonders if her people have prepared for the alchemy Grandmaster that arrived from Shimmering City inside the palace. She is glad that the lady can refine an origin-grade oil that formed pill cloud. Lady Tribal Lord is interested in the man that came with Xiang. She asks Quo Luo if there is something that she must know. Lady Tribal Lord wonders if the rumors she heard are true or false. Quo Luo replies that they are true, and Lady Tribal Lord comments that Quo Luo’s object of affection is that human man.

Quo Luo reveals that the mortal man has traveled a long journey and crossed paths in the Emperor’s Garden made a memorable trip to Monster Emperor Star to find her. Lady Tribal Lord is impressed that the human man has been to the Emperor Garden. Quo Luo replies that she met him there, and they join forces fighting a group of people from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. But before they had time to talk, the Emperor Graded closed, and they got separated.

Lady Tribal Lord realizes that the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce is not a place for weaklings and realizes that humans are more robust. She asks Quo Luo to tell her about the strength of that human man in battle. Quo Luo replies that the man is not weak, and Lady Tribal Lord said she is giving that man a chance. Lady Tribal Lord sent Yu Xiong to test that man, and if he is weak, he can kill him. Later, Quo Luo talks with Yu Xiong not to fight with that human man (Yang Kai).

Martial Peak Chapter 1376 Release Date

Martial Peak Chapter 1376 release date is 6 August 2021. Note that the Martial Peak chapters get released daily with three to four chapters per day. We will bring a new chapter every week and the recent development of this manga. We have no access to the official sites to read the current chapter of Martial Peak. You can look at Preview & Recap: Mother Of The Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 5.

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