October 18, 2021

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Home » Spoilers & Recap: Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 6

Spoilers & Recap: Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 6

Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 6

Miracle Workers season 3 started out stronger than ever before on our digital screens last month and there is so much that is yet to unfold from it. Previously we have seen that Ezekiel Brown is trying to enlist Benny the Teen to lead his people through the West along the Oregon Trail. The timeline of the show is set to 1844 and Ezekiel happens to be a reverend from a small town. On the other hand, we see that Prudence is fighting for the freedom of the Oregon Trail and she is a prairie wife. She has decided to actually get independent from her husband Todd.

Now, the people who are on this wagon trail, are required to pave their way through a very difficult path that includes a risky river. Hereby, we see that Benny, as well as Ezekiel, have started to have their own share of differences in order to become the soul of the group. All this while, we see that Prudence along with Todd gets along with the hipster pioneers. In the third episode, we saw that Ezekiel has decided to be a part of the hipster hunting competition. He is doing so, in order to prove his manliness. Benny has taken in his own hands the matter to transform Prudence into a bandit.

Later, we see that the wagon train has now stopped in the town of Branchwater which is considered to be unholy and sinful. This is why Ezekiel was tempted to spend the night of debauchery. At the same point in time, Benny decides to visit his favorite saloon only to find out that it has changed to a tourist’s map. Back in the fifth episode of the Miracle Workers season 3 titled Oregon Trail: Meet the Noonans, we saw a lot of plot twists as well as drama.

Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 6

A still from Miracle Workers Season 3

Firstly, the scene started off with the wagon train meeting a new sort of group. These people are highly religious and are being led to the West, through the same route as the Wagon people. Their bunch is organized and managed by a prophet. Also, we see that Benny is trying really hard to have some connections towards his estranged daughter as well. Now, it is all with the entire recap section and we shall discuss more in the next episode which is the line for us.

Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date and Where To Watch

Miracle Workers season 3 episode 6 is scheduled for a release on the 17th of August 2021. If you are a keen watcher of the show and would not want to miss out on any episode, then all you have to do is look out on Tuesdays. Also, the episodes are supposed to drop out at 10:30 PM according to Eastern Time on TBS. The easiest way of streaming the show live is through TBS Channel itself.

Although, if you do not have a cable card, the official website of TBS will do wonders for you. Now, YouTube TV is one such platform that allows all the people to watch the episodes live as they air. Some other similar services are provided by Fubo TV as well as DirecTV. Amazon Prime Video is a Video on Demand platform just like Apple iTunes. Both of these services are capable of renting you, or even selling the fans their favorite episodes from the series or the entire season.

Miracle Workers Season 3 Episode 6 Spoilers

In the next episode of the show, we are going to witness the Wagon train taking another break. But this time, it will be at the Independence Rock. They have done so in order to celebrate the Fourth of July. It is a happy time around all the characters and we can see some of them feeling true tranquility. Although, Benny is trying really hard to establish himself, once again, as the topmost outlaw in the West. At the same point in time, we will see that Ezekiel and Prudence are having a great time together during the holiday. They are trying to bond together and their relationship arc is really moving forward. There is more that we can expect from this show and I bet you guys will adore the plot twists.

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