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Home » Spoilers & Recap: Unholy Blood Chapter 84

Spoilers & Recap: Unholy Blood Chapter 84

Unholy Blood Chapter 84

A thriller anyone would love to watch, Unholy Blood is a pretty good watch. What’s good? The cliche is limited and the plot twists are unexpected. The take on vampires is pretty interesting and refreshing. There are no vampires you can slay with stakes or sunlight. Instead, their lifespan is depicted to be relatively shorter, unlike the conventional eternity. They get only 5 years of life. If they want to live longer, they will need to consume the blood of a pureblood vampire which is why purebloods are more valuable. Moreover, there are 6 vampires who play a vital role in this thriller. These 6 vampires have taken the blood of a pureblood vampire who also gave them the task to hunt down the lead of the story. Unholy Blood Chapter 84 is adding up a lot of good things to the manhwa.

Unholy Blood has a gripping plot line written by Kim Jeonghyeon and Lim Lina. The illustrations have been done by Lim Lina. This webtoon series has also been adapted in the format of a book by Young Com. (영컴) which was published on December 15, 2020. The catchy part of this series is that it is nothing like those typical stories of vampires that we see in movies. Of course, there is enough romance in the story but it does not take the central place. The main theme is an action which drives the entire plotline and circles around our protagonist who wants to end the vampires completely as revenge for hurting her family.

Unholy Blood Chapter 84 came out on 7 August 2021 and here’s everything we know about it.

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Unholy Blood Chapter 84

Unholy Blood has been a crazy ride since the past few chapters. The romance is blooming, the action is on point, and the plot is filled with twists. One of the best involved in the latest chapters was Levi. She has been a complete bad-ass and has become one of my favorite villains in the series so far. The chapter begins with Levi as she sits high up while Hayan fights her minions. At the same time, Hayan stands infront of hee without even a hint of fear in her eyes. Being carefree, she watches Levi and asks her when this will be over.

We finally get a look over the past of Levi and Yohan. Yohan had saved her in the past where she was still human. After being saved, she keeps following him out of curiosity but Yohan catches her. He tries to scare her but showing her his true self but she does not get scared. She continues following him and tells him that she would do whatever for him. After turning into a vampire, she continues to be loyal to Yohan. She even massacred some rebellious vampires for him. But, she realises that even if he grows more affectionate towards him, she had never seen him smile. When she finally saw him smile, it was for Hayan and she has hated her ever since.

Back in the Present

Levi announces their plan that Yohan would be stronger once he takes in Hayan’s heart. At another place, Euntae Hwang’s condition is worsening. In the battlefield field, Hayan manages to hypnotize the minions that Levi had hypnotized them previously. Hayan tells her that love won through blood is not love. Frustrated, Levi gets provoked and a fight breaks down between the two. The two give their all but Levi is overpowered by Hayan. To retaliate, Levi decides to release all the acid of the house onto Hayan.

Unholy Blood Chapter 84

Unholy Blood.

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About Unholy Blood

Around a decade ago, the world took a spin because of the emergence of vampires: beings with superhuman strength and endless lust for blood. They look exactly like humans which is why it gets even easier for vampires to prey on humans.

Park Hayan is an orphan whose only desire is to live a normal life. She wants to keep her siblings away from the dangers that these vampires carried and to find friends. As the vampire attacks rise, her only fear is that her traumatic memories are returning to haunt her as her life falls to pieces slowly.

An unfortunate accident makes her a target for the Angels of Death, an organization running underground consisting of the most powerful vampires. Hayan partners up with Euntae Hwang, a police member who has more to offer than one expects, and gets ready to face her past. That’s when she hatches the plan to eradicate all the vampires.

You can read the manhwa on WEBTOON and Naver.

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