September 25, 2021

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Spoilers: Red Shoes Episode 21 (Article ready)

Red Shoes

Red Shoes Episode 21 is just around the corner! Red Shoes is an ongoing South Korean TV Series. Moreover, it has attracted a lot of audiences for its enthralling and interesting plot and also because of the amazing acting from the cast’s site. Furthermore, the drama is directed by Park Ki Hyun, who had collaborated with writer Hwang Soon Young for this drama. Their collaboration alone had brought in many audiences for the drama. Evidently, many were excited to see the product of their collaboration.

Further, the cast of Red Shoes consists of many great actors. For example, Choi Myung Gil as Min Hee Kyung, Yon Si Hyun as   Kim Jin Ah, Park Yoon Jae as Yoon Ki Seok, Jung Yoo Min as Kwon Hye Bin, and Shin Jung Yoon as Yoon Hyun Seok. The plot of the drama consists of a  daughter, Kim Jin Ah’s revenge on her spiteful mother, Min Hee Kyung. Although the audience could sympathize with Min Hee Kyung as she just wanted to run away from her abusive husband and poverty. But as the drama had progressed, the audience understood that she was just a greedy and unthoughtful woman. In this article, we will be telling you all about the release date of Red Shoes Episode 21 and what to expect from the upcoming episode.

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Red  Shoes Episode 21 Release Date

The release date of Red Shoes Episode 21 is August 16, 2021. International fans can watch the exciting drama on Rakuten Viki. The drama is a daily drama which makes it somewhat satisfying to watch. Aren’t the fans lucky!  The drama airs new episodes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The only two days that the drama does not air an episode are Saturday and Sunday. Looks like the audience is able to watch the drama’s new episodes almost every day.

Red Shoes

Min Hee Kyung cr: KBS2

The drama had started to air its episodes on the 5th of July this year.  Also, it has planned to air 100 episodes by the 19th of November. It might have had finished airing about twenty episodes, but as many had known, the drama had been delayed for two weeks due to the Tokyo Olympics. Besides the airing days, the drama has satisfying time slots for its episodes too. Each of its episodes is usually for half an hour so people who are usually busy can easily watch the episodes of the drama. The drama has aired fifteen fun-filled episodes by now let’s see what is in store for the audience.

Red Shoes Episode 21: What To Expect?

The drama has been going on with good speed now.  The previous episodes showed that Kim Jin Ah will be slowing down to take revenge on her mother Min Hee Kyung. That is quite understandable as Min Hee Kyung decided not to help Kim Jin Ah when her younger brother had died. It just shows how cruel-hearted and evil of a person Min Hee Kyung is. And seeing her enjoying her best life must have been very hard for Kim Jin Ah. Also, fans are curious whether Min Hee Kyng will find out the true identity of Kim Jin Ah.

Red Shoes Episode 21Red Shoes Episode 21

Kim Jin Ah cr: Viki

Although she has told her subordinate to take a look into Kim Jin Ah, the audience suspects that she will not be able to find what she is looking for. This is because the reports will show that Kim Jin Ah si Choi Soo Ja’s daughter. Other than finding out about Kim Jin Ah’s true identity, the fans suspect that Min Hee Kyung is sure that Kim Jin Ah was the one who had accused her of plagiarism. But he lacks solid proof, and it seems that when she hets her hands on the proof she might kick Kim Jin Ah from the company. Speaking of being kicked out of the company, it looks like Min Hee Kyung’s CEO position must be in danger. Even though she was shamelessly cheating on her husband, she turns to him for help. Keep watching the episodes to not miss a single moment.

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