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Spoilers: Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 340

Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods chapter 340 will be next on the Manhua’s release date schedule as the latest chapter was just released a few hours ago. The tradition of this Mahua has been to release chapters in small sections, which happens once every 3/4 days, so this means that it completes a full chapter in about one week. The latest release of the Mahua saw Tales of Demon and Gods Chapter 339.1 released which is the first section of chapter 39.

So there are still several sections to be released before a full chapter is complete. Speaking of which, we will soon take a look at the latest developments from the latest chapter of the manga and see how the adventures of Nie Li will continue going forward. Then after that, we will take a look at the release schedule of the upcoming chapters so that we will have a clear idea of when the rest of chapter 339 will come out before the release of Tales of Demons and Gods chapter 340.

Since this is only a section of chapter 349, it is expected to be brief as we will still get the rest of the sections for the chapter within a few days. So as the weekend approaches, we will be getting towards the end of chapter 349 as well. The latest developments from the Manhua’s released was as follows:

Previously on Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 39.1

Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods

The holy sun of the Sky Blaze, Yan Yang, makes his appearance at the beginning of the chapter. He is known for his wealth, so rumors are going around that he wants to buy a painting of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains that is said to be very expensive. The shop owner, Gu Bei, has also mysteriously brought up the painting price, so the entire situation has become suspicious.

Yan Yang reveals that the ongoing gathering of the three major sects is meant for interaction and relationships developed between the attendees, who are usually the rich elites. So even if the prices of certain things have increased due to this event. Yin Yang noted that this would be like an auction where the highest bidder gets the item.

This started bidding wars with Yan Yang bidding the highest price for the painting. But Su kept on countering Yan’s bids and ended up as the highest bidder for the painting. As the event had just started, Yan Yang moved elsewhere to explore other products up for bidding.

Meanwhile, Nie Li managed to seld twenty dragon bloodline demon spirits, which made him a lot of money. Nie Li wants to use the money he got combined with his knowledge of the inscription to try and unlock the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains paintings, but he is not sure if it will have the same effects as stated in the temporal demon spirit book. But the positive side to this is that even if he managed to unlock just one of the painting’s functions. It will still be worth it.

The auction reached an end, with Nie Li planning to unlock the painting after he returns. After this, a discussion session followed themed around Zither, Qi, Painting, and Calligraphy. So it will also be teaching about the understanding of the TAO into the four arts.

This is said to be the same arts that people like Yan Yang, Mingyue, and Wushang have undergone training in. So it would be interesting to see how things will develop going forward. As the first section of the chapter, we expect more updates to be released soon. So let’s look at how the chapter schedule will be for the upcoming sections.

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Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 340 Release Date

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 340 is expected to be released on 12 August 2021. Next in the chapter release schedule will be Tales of Demons and Gods chapter 339.5 before we can get the next chapter. This means that only a part of chapter 339 was released, which took us about halfway through the current chapter. So in about 3/4 days, we will ger the rest co the chapter, which will be Tales of Demons and Gods chapter 339.5.

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