Spy X Family Episode 1 Review: Spy Mission Begins!

The highly awaited anime adaptation of the series Spy X Family finally made its debut with the first episode, Operation Strix on April 9, 2022. Being one of the most anticipated anime of 2022, Episode 1 surely did not disappoint with how it started the series. The animation by Wit Studio and CloverWorks was top-notch, the color palette and art were beautiful, and the great dubbing of the voice actors (especially Anya) together made it perfect.

There was no such moment where one would be bored. What looked like a serious anime about a lone-wolf spy who looked both intimidating and cold turned out to be a series of misadventures with his adopted daughter.

Episode 1 – Synopsis

The story begins with us seeing Loid Forger – better known as Twilight – solving a case, displaying the cool tactics and movements of a professional. We can see that he is the best in his game and has no difficulty doing risky jobs. His newest mission is a highly dangerous one, and to complete it, he ends up needing a child.

Loid Forger

This is how the episode shifts to him ending up at an orphanage where he wants to select a kid who is preferably smart – the least they need to do is read and write. He ends up meeting Anya – a small, 6-year-old girl who had been taken and dumped back at the orphanage quite a few times already. He is amazed at Anya’s skills as he sees she can easily solve a tough crossword puzzle in a minute and immediately adopts her.

However, there’s a catch to it – Anya does not really have an excellent IQ or a passion for studies, but a rather unique gift. She can read minds, which is how she ends up knowing all the answers. As Loid’s new daughter, Anya is excited – not only for the fact that she was being adopted but also because, through her mind-reading, she finds out that Loid is a spy – an occupation she admires.

Loid is not really someone who is great with kids or has a liking for them, and we see him hilariously struggle with becoming a new father and trying to understand how Anya’s mind works. In a series of events, the mischievous Anya ends up getting kidnapped by some enemies who were trying to track down Twilight, and Loid comes to her rescue. When he sees how troublesome having a child around when on a dangerous mission can be, he decides to give up Anya.


In an emotional moment and a peek into our main character’s past, we also see Loid remembering why he hated children crying – it reminded him of himself as a kid when no one would come to his aid. He also remembers how he became a spy because he wanted to make sure a world existed where no children would have to cry.

Due to her mind-reading skills, however, Anya sees through all this and stubbornly sticks to her father. He, too, decides to take her in any way – which proves to be a great decision because Anya clears the exam for the prestigious school she needs to get into for the mission. The news makes Loid overjoyed, and we see a moment of happiness in him before quickly falling over from exhaustion – something that warms the viewer and assures us of the stress and tiredness our main character is in.

In another funny moment, after the opening is played, we see that a letter arrives from the school, declaring that both parents need to be present for the next round. Loid is frustrated because once again, he would have to find a new member of his family – a pretend wife.

Loid And Anya Forger

Personal Thoughts

Spy X Family Episode 1 was as good as it could get. Nothing was rushed unnecessarily, and since the episode focused mostly on Loid, we got a good progression of how the story would form. The viewer not only enjoys the amusing situation that our protagonist is put in but also gets a hint of understanding of his character. We also see that there is a spark of hope for change and development in his lonely world, and the cliffhanger with the task was perfect for the viewer to keep on wanting to watch more.

Do catch Spy X Family on Crunchyroll to see more of the adorable Anya, our handsome spy Loid and the wife who is soon to debut and will probably become a favorite as well. The next episode will be airing on 16 April 2022, and viewers can expect another round of laughter, emotions, and fluff!

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