Spy x Family Episode 4 Release Date: What Will Happen In The Eden Academy Interview?


Spy x Family has been one of the most hyped and anticipated anime from the Spring quarter of anime releases. The wait for the Spy x Family anime was over on the 9th of April 2022 as its first episode aired. Not only this, but as expected, the anime was well-received across the globe and has gained many fans. Although Spy x Family only recently premiered, they have already managed to develop the story’s pace very well. With the introduction of the setting as well as new characters, their audience is now eagerly waiting for Spy x Family Episode 4. Spy x Family Episode 4 will dive further into the relationship the main three characters are tied to as they continue their preparations for their next move.

The Spy x Family anime was adapted from a manga written and illustrated by Endo Tatsuya. It released its first chapter on the 25th of March 2019 and so far has put out nine volumes. The manga is currently ongoing, and you can read it on Viz Media’s official website. The production of the anime was taken up by the studio CloverWorks and Wit Studio. So far, Spy x Family has released three episodes.


Spy x Family tells us the story of a man who is an undercover spy named “Twilight” working for Westalis. To him, maintaining the peace between nations is important as he feels there is no need for any unnecessary war. Being a spy, Twilight is a professional, and to maintain the aforementioned peace, he is ready to go to great lengths. As a result, he is tasked with spying on a man named Donovan Desmond, who is a famous politician from Ostania. However, the only way he can carry out his mission is by portraying himself as a “good family man”.

Spy x Family Episode 4 Spy x Family Episode 4
“The Forgers”

As expected, he carries out his mission as a man named “Loid Forger”. He then adopts a young girl named Anya, who is tasked with studying in the same school as Donovan’s son. Besides this, he also marries a woman named Yor Briar, who agrees to marry him for her own reasons. Thus, living together as a family named “The Forgers,” he is able to proceed with his mission. Things, however, don’t stop here as this family is very peculiar from its roots. Not only because Loid is a secret agent, but mostly because Yor Briar is a deadly assassin named “Thorn Princess,” and little Anya is someone who can read minds.

Spy x Family Episode 3 Recap

Spy x Family Episode 3 gives us more insights into Yor Briar’s character. Not only this, but it also is the first Episode where she is seen spending time as the mother of the “Forger” family. In Episode 1, we are introduced to the character Anya as she is adopted as Loid’s daughter. Her task was simple, to act as a daughter and attend the same academy as the politician Denovan’s son, Eden Academy. However, an interview at this academy requires Anya to bring her parents. Thus, Loid was tasked with finding someone to pose as a mother for Anya.

Spy x Family Episode 4Spy x Family Episode 4
Spy x Family Episode 4 will be full of Elegance.

Luckily in Episode 2, he comes across a woman who wishes to take up the role of Anya’s mother. She has her own reasons for doing so, mostly to show off to her friends. Thus, in Episode 3, she moves in with the other two, and together they begin preparing for the interview. Conflict arises when Loid realizes that they do not naturally appear to be a happy upper-class family. To solve this, Loid decides to take the two outside for “family time”.

Spy x Family Episode 4 Release Date

Spy x Family Episode 4 will release on 30 April 2022, Saturday. You can watch the preview of Spy x Family Episode 4 below.

Watch Spy x Family Episode 4 Online – Streaming Details?

Spy x Family episodes can be watched on online streaming platforms like Netflix and Crunchyroll. Spy x Family can also be watched on Muse Asia YouTube Channel. Upcoming episodes will be aired every Saturday.

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