Spy X Family Episode 5 Release Date: Will Anya Get Into Eden Academy?

spy x family episode 5
Spy X Family Episode 5: Release Date And Time Cr: OtakuKart

After watching Episode 4, we don’t think anyone can wait any longer to know what will happen next in Spy X Family Episode 5. How can one anime be this good? We have seen a lot of good anime, but Spy x Family is something else. Just when you think that the last Episode was probably the best, it just keeps on getting better with every new Episode. Now, we have high expectations from Spy x Family Episode 5, and we just know that it will exceed our expectations.

If you are waiting for the 5th Episode of Spy x Family, just like us, then you came to the right place. You’ll get to know when and where you can watch Spy x Family, along with all the updates. So, without wasting any further time, let’s find out the release date and time of Spy x Family Episode 5.

What Happened So Far? – Episode 4 “The Prestigious School’s Interview” – Recap

The day has arrived when the Forger family has to face the interview at Eden Academy. But this Academy is very extreme. The moment families entered through the gates of the school, they all were being judged by Housemaster Henry Henderson and his subordinates. All sorts of tests were being done to test out each family. Henderson already had his eyes set on the Forger family and was looking for elegance. And the Forger family never ceased to amaze Henderson as well as us. No matter what the tests were, they conquered it all with style and elegance. Even when the group of bulls went loose by accident, Yor stopped it with elegance, and Anya used her telepathy to calm the bull down.

spy x family episode 5spy x family episode 5
Anya expresses her love for Loid and Yor

Watching this, they were immediately called for the interview. This interview was going well, just like the Forger family practiced it before. But, there was one interviewer, Murdoch Swan, whom we all wanted to punch, right? When he couldn’t find a way to mock the Forger family, he made Anya choose between her biological mother and the new mother. This triggered Anya’s trauma as she had never had a mother before. Yor and Loid somehow managed to keep their calm and left the interview midway, as the school that takes a kid’s feelings lightly isn’t fit for a kid. But, Henderson earned all our respects when he punched Swan right in the face for his cruelty.

What To Expect In Spy X Family Episode 5?

It broke our hearts when Anya thought that if she could not make it to the Academy, she might lose the family she never had before. She does not want to give that up. She’s finally happy after a long time. We don’t want to see her sad either. Actually, we can’t see her sad. If she fails, Twilight’s mission will end, and there’d be no reason for him to keep playing the family guy. They might not know, but this family is all they needed all along. Each one of them finally is feeling what they never had before, and we don’t want it to go.

spy x family episode 5spy x family episode 5
Loid telling Anya and Yor the inevitable.

So, no, we don’t think Anya is going to fail. Call it our gut feeling. But, we can also prove it by logic. If Anya fails, then there would be no Spy x Family anymore. So, Anya will definitely pass because we all want more of this beautiful family. And we are pretty sure Henderson won’t let go of such an elegant family. He’ll definitely fight for this family.

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Spy X Family Episode 5 Release Date And Time

Spy x Family Episode 5 will release on 7 May 2022, Saturday. Japanese fans will get to watch this Episode at 23:00 hrs Japanese Standard Time (JST). For the US fans, it will be available at 07:00 hrs Pacific Time (PT)/ 09:00 hrs Central Time (CT)/ 10:00 hrs Eastern Time (ET), and the Indian fans will be able to watch Spy x Family Episode 5 at 19:30 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST).

spy x family episode 5spy x family episode 5
Anya going to Loid

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Where To Watch Spy X Family Episode 5?

If you can’t seem to find where to watch Spy x Family, then here’s the information you need. Spy x Family is easily available on Netflix and Crunchyroll. Asian countries can also watch it on Muse Asia YouTube Channel.

Yor handing Anya to Loid.

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