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Home » Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Watch? – OtakuKart

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Watch? – OtakuKart

Star Trek Discovery season 4 episode 3

Season 4 began with the Discovery at the lead of reconstructing the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet hundreds of years after the galaxy was devastated by the Burn, a catastrophic catastrophe. And when Discovery boldly pushed into the Star Trek Universe’s 32nd century. On Star Trek: Discovery season 4 episode 3, Captain Michael Burnham and the company are taken aback when the empath home planet of Kwejian was destroyed while the crew was on a routine mission to assist a space station that had unexpectedly swerved out of control.

One of the key mysteries of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 appears to be how Michael Burnham will reconcile her professional and personal lives now that she is a captain. As the person in charge of a whole ship as well as the lives of its crew. It seems to reason that she will have to make more tough decisions than she did before she won her seat in that chair. Now without any further ado, let’s begin covering this Trekkie topic here at Otakukart.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 3 Release Date

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 episode 3 will release on December 2, 2021, at 3:00 AM, Eastern Time, United States on Paramount+. Firstly, the episode’s title is “Choose to live”. Furthermore, there will be one more episode in December before the Winter Hiatus. After that, the show will continue in January 2022. Secondly, each new chapter drops in a consistent manner on a weekly basis. Thirdly, every episode is an hour-long runtime of all good things for the Trekkies. And with the intensity looming in on Captain Burnham as the leadership capacity is always put to the test. Many things are sure to come for this series.

Star Trek Discovery season 4 episode 3

Star Trek Discovery season 4 episode 3

Where to watch Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 3?

If you wish to watch Star Trek: Discovery season 4 episode 3, Paramount+ is your best bet. Firstly, since November 18, 2021, everybody with a valid subscription to that platform can stream Star Trek. Additionally, Viacom CBS chose to put every single piece of content of its branches there. And that means that Showtime BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, Pluto TV, CBS, and Comedy Central will have content there. If you aren’t subscribed, that’s no problem. Because subscriptions are open! Anyone can subscribe to the platform for US$ 9,99 a month ad-free or US$ 4,99 with ads. Additionally, the episodes are also available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video. Lastly, previous seasons are available for rent or purchase via video-on-demand from platforms like The Microsoft Store, Vudu, Xfinity, and YouTube TV.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 3 Spoilers

The episode will pick from where it left off. Since an entire planet blew up. That fact, that “anomaly” will have direct repercussions upon the plotlines. Considering that Star Trek always has both a surprise element and an emotional component to the character storyline. In consequence, we’re likely to see from the scriptwriters more from those ends. We’re likely to see the fallout from the destruction of the planet. And how Booker is dealing with becoming stunned. And also, we’re going to keep seeing how Captain Burnham struggles with leadership as they threaten to take the spaceship away from his command.

Star Trek Discovery season 4 episode 3Star Trek Discovery season 4 episode 3

Star Trek Discovery season 4 episode 3

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Cleveland “Book” Booker incessantly repeats film of his home planet’s destruction by a gravitational anomaly, with Book now reported as the lone survivor of his empathetic species. Finally, Saru reunites with Burnham amid this catastrophe. The latter reveals that Book has been entirely cut off from the world and his apparent sentiments for the two days since the demolition of Kwejian. Saru announces he has reenlisted in Starfleet. Despite Admiral Vance’s offer of command of his starship, Saru chooses to remain the Discovery’s first officer again, with Burnham gladly accepting her old buddy by her side as they continue to research the source of the anomaly.

The cause of the anomaly, according to Paul Stamets and Sylvia Tilly, is two wandering black holes that move around each other and consume all material in their path. This explains why the Starfleet spaceship they saw in the Season 4 opener was careening out of control by an invisible force. With the Federation still in shambles and the agony of the Burn still fresh, President Rillak orders the Discovery to look into the problem further while keeping the actual purpose of their mission hidden. Saru and Tilly reboard the Discovery, and Tilly admits that her horrific experience on the spacecraft taught her how short life could be.

Approaching the anomaly with the Spore Drive

The Discovery approaches the anomaly using the Spore Drive, but Stamets is taken aback by the readings that the singularity emits. Book offers to use his spacecraft to visit the monster and acquire further data, with his ship’s unique shape-shifting powers potentially allowing it to correct for gravitational waves. Burnham complains, believing Book is emotionally weakened by losing his homeworld and species. Still, Book politely reminds her that he is not a member of Starfleet and is not under her command. Burnham agrees to this request on the condition that Stamets accompany Book as a holographic projection to study the data on the fly and act as a form of rope in case Book and his vessel get into danger.

Doctor Culber fabricates an artificial body.

Doctor Culber creates a synthetic body for Gray Tal based on Doctor Soong’s superior robotics to create a comparable artificial body for Jean-Luc Picard once his natural body dies in the Star Trek: Picard Season 1 finale. Like Picard’s synthetic body, Gray’s new body would naturally age like any biological body. And Gray gladly agrees to this arrangement to convert his awareness into a concrete form visible to everyone. Unfortunately, as Book and Stamets begin their study, abrupt oscillations lead Discovery’s electronics to go berserk. All this ends up causing the enormous starship to recede and disconnect its tie to Book’s spaceship. Just as he gathers additional data while approaching the anomaly.

As he ventures further into the devastation of his home planet that makes up the debris surrounding the singularity. Book gets sidetracked by empathic visions. Saru advises Burnham to approach Book more personally. Rather than as a commanding officer to help him work through his sentiments. And the deep-seated shame and regret he feels for not foreseeing the impending abnormality that would engulf his planet in time. Book gets back to the Discovery safely, thanks to Burnham’s encouragement; nevertheless, Tilly is perplexed by the data, recognizing the singularity’s route is utterly unknown, putting the whole galaxy in danger.

Star Trek Discovery season 4 episode 3Star Trek Discovery season 4 episode 3

Star Trek Discovery season 4 episode 3

Burnham’s Quest for Leadership

Burnham and Book lead a first encounter mission to a planet that hasn’t seen Starfleet since before the Burn. Burnham gives the envoy a stockpile of dilithium, but the society does not have enough faith in Starfleet. Following then, a misunderstanding arises, resulting in the Discovery rejuvenating the civilization’s satellite system.  Saru hasn’t been assisting Su’Kal in adjusting to Kelpien society in a long time. The Kelpies are undecided about having joined the Federation and are wary of Su’Kal’s potential for destruction.

Burnham may go off on a journey to find these heinous powers of devastation, which may frighten Rillak. She is concerned that Burnham makes far too many sacrifices in his missions. Su’Kal and Saru may have a disagreement concerning the Federation. Saru clearly wants to return back to the Discovery, but his responsibilities bind him to his present position. The future episode may be concerned with the galaxy’s current concerns.

Su’Kal’s Awareness

Su’Kal is aware that Saru wants to return to the Discovery, but his loyalty to Kaminar compels him to remain. In the episode, we discover that Starfleet Academy now has 60 complete members, a cause for celebration. Rillak congratulates the crew and reveals the Archer Spacedock. The Archer Spacedock is a device that potentially cut dilithium use, while Burnham receives a new briefing. Admiral Charles Vance has requested that Discovery looks into the loss of a Starfleet station.

Despite locating the station, the Discovery cannot utilize its transporters to convey everyone to the ship. Burnham returns the station’s escape pod to the Discovery as Rillak attempts to persuade the station head to join him. Tilly and Adira return safely, but the intelligence chief is killed by falling debris. Rillak then informs Burnham that he should not command a more sophisticated Starfleet vessel. All because of his propensity for sacrifice, even when there is no necessity. As the episode concludes, Book discovers that his home planet, Kwejian, has indeed been destroyed by an unknown power.

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