Strange New World’s Cast Promises ‘Big Swings’ for Season 2

The crew of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds standing shoulder to shoulder

With Star Trek: Strange New Worlds fas approaching, the cast of the show promises fans that the creative team is taking some major risks.

Per /Film, Rebecca Romijn, who plays First Officer Una Chin-Riley, noted that the stories being told in the upcoming episodes will be far more adventurous than Season 1. “We’ve taken some very big swings genre-wise in Season 2, and I know some of you have seen the first six episodes. We have a few episodes coming up after that that are really out there, so we’re very proud of them,” Romijn said. “We’re very excited. Anson mentioned earlier that sometimes when you get to episode 9, which is almost at the end of the season, everyone’s tired, everyone’s almost ready to go home.”


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These sentiments were shared by Anson Mount, who plays Captain Christopher Pike, who noted that some of Season 1’s more intrepid episodes played a large part in establishing the kind of stories that would be told in Season 2. “We have a couple of episodes in the first season that they weren’t too sure about, and both of those episodes are ones that popped for us, and so they gave our showrunners a lot more freedom to play with genre,” Mount explained. “Akiva’s mantra continues to be ‘Star Trek can be a lot of things,’ so we’re not just playing with the message that can be told, but within the episodic structure we can play with how we get there.”

Strange New Worlds Meets Lower Decks

Serving as a prequel to the iconic Star Trek: The Original Series, Paramount’s Strange New Worlds follows the crew of the USS Enterprise as they embark on all kinds of adventures around the galaxy. While many fans are excited to see the cast return for Season 2, the episode most are anticipating is the substantially hyped crossover with the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks.

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Strange New Worlds Season 2 will see the live-action debuts of Ensign Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Ensign Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid), a story that will also incorporate some form of animation. Speaking about what it was like to play a cartoon character as flesh and bone, Quaid expressed how challenging the experience was for him. “What do you do? What’s too much? What’s too little? How do you stay in the voice?” Quaid pondered. “How do you bring some physicality to it? How does the character move on the animated show, and how can you make that work in live action?”

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 premieres on Paramount+ on June 15.

Source: /Film


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