Strongest Black Bull Members In Black Clover, Ranked

Strongest Black Bull Members In Black Clover, Ranked

In the world of Black Clover, magic determines the rank, status and respect of everyone within the Clover Kingdom. Those attempting to become the best will often test their powers by becoming Magic Knights. Nobles and commoners alike hone their magical abilities in pursuit of protecting their Kingdom and becoming strong.

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All the Magic Knight Squads are revered for their strength and renown, except for the Black Bulls. Unlike the other Squads, the Black Bulls are a group of misfits and troublemakers who are looked down upon by others. While the proper Magic Knight squads might look down on them though, the Black Bulls have many of the strongest magicians within the Clover Kingdom.

Updated by Sage Ashford on May 14th, 2023: The Black Bull members continue to grow more powerful as the series goes on. With the series in its final arc, we’ve updated this list to better show the power standings among all the Black Bulls.



15 Finral Roulacase

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For the first part of the series, Finral mostly served as the Black Bulls’ transportation. He is a spatial Magic Knight who can create portals for transportation. While Spatial Magic is a rare magic type within the Clover Kingdom, Finral’s desire not to hurt anyone holds him back from using this power to its full potential. As a result, even his parents took away his right to lead House Vaude, giving it to his more talented brother, Langris.

Still, Finral’s desire to protect his allies within the Black Bulls has put him on the battlefield more often lately. Still, his overall inexperience and habit of going against more powerful enemies often results in his defeat, even after training with the Heart Kingdom and mastering the power of arrays.

14 Grey

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Grey is the epitome of the phrase “looks can be deceiving.” Originally portrayed as a quiet but imposing fat guy everyone was afraid of, during the Seabed Temple, Gray revealed she was actually a tiny girl who was so shy she didn’t want people looking at her true form.

Grey relies on both transformation magic and transmutation magic. With the former, she can take the appearance of anything she wants, regardless of if it’s human or not. However, Grey’s true power is transmutation magic, which grants her the ability to change the structure of anything she touches. With this magic, Grey can even heal other people, making her one of the most versatile members of the group.

13 Vanessa Enoteca

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The witch of the Black Bulls, Vanessa Enoteca is a Thread Magic user, capable of manipulating threads to attack or defend. Hailing from the Witches’ Forest, Vanessa grew up as the favorite of the Witch Queen, who imprisoned her in a cage for years. With the help of Yami, Vanessa escaped from her prison and became a proud member of the Black Bulls.

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Later, Vanessa developed the power of the Red Thread of Fate. For Vanessa, this power is represented by a tiny red cat that can change the outcome of the battle by touching someone. Relying on this power, Vanessa can control the flow of battle and protect her fellow Black Bulls.

12 Gordon Agrippa

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Gordon Agrippa is the quiet, yet supportive member of the Black Bulls, who just wants the rest of the team to look at him as family. Though he doesn’t fit in with his own family well, he trained under them to master poisons and curses.

Thanks to his family’s expertise on curses, Gordon is a powerful member of the Black Bulls. His poison magic is extremely useful in battle, and he has the advantage in stamina battles, where he has to outlast his opponents. Gordon’s also mastered another level that allows him to turn the poison magic into medicine, making his allies even more powerful in battle.

11 Henry Legolant

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Henry Legolant is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight who spent years tucked away in the depths of the Black Bulls hideout. Due to a rare condition, any magic he’s close to will be absorbed by him. This power makes it impossible for him to spend much time around any of the Black Bulls, with the exception of Asta, who has no magic to drain.

Henry’s body is super weak and he’ll die if he doesn’t get plenty of magic to feed on. Because of his condition, it isn’t until the Elves revenge arc that most of Black Bulls find out about him. Henry has recombination magic which allows him to take objects and combine them in whatever configuration he wants them in. For example, Henry can transform the Black Bull’s hideout into a mech. His versatile magic and his dangerous condition make him a valuable player on the battlefield.

10 Zora Ideale

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Zora Ideale is a 3rd class Magic Knight who can control Ash Magic. His father was the first ever peasant to become a Magic Knight, but after his father was betrayed by some of the nobles in the Knights, Zora developed a deep hatred for the nobility.

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Though he can use Ash Magic, Zora’s specialty is Trap Magic. This magic allows him to use the opponent’s own power against them, making his otherwise weak magical power something that can dominate far more powerful enemies. Out to humiliate other royals, Zora will do anything to manipulate events to his advantage, even setting traps in advance of a battle.

9 Magna Swing

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Magna Swing is a 5th class Magic Knight and specializes in Fire Magic. Growing up in the village of Rayaka, Magna decided to take his talents to the Magic Knights, though like many of the other misfits he wound up in the Black Bulls. His fighting style reflects his punk-like attitude, since he uses fire magic to create bats and hit people with literal balls of fire.

Magna’s weakness, however, is his small amount of Mana compared to a Royal. He’s trained to work within this limitation, creating a power that allows him to fight better, even against far more powerful opponents. With the spell Soul Chain Deathmatch, any opponent chained to Magna has mana equal to him, reducing any fight with him and his opponent to a battle of will.

8 Gauche Adlai

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Gauche Adlai is a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight, who was a noble from House Adlai, until an unfortunate accident killed his parents. After another royal family stole their wealth, and Gauch and his sister, Marie, ended up on the streets. To protect and provide for his sister, Gauch joins the Black Bulls following Yami’s invite.

Gauche wields mirror magic and can use his mirrors to reflect energy attacks at his opponents. His most famous attack is, “Mirror Refrain,” an absolutely devastating attack, especially when combined with his mirror eye magical tool. Gauche can be a little tough to get along with, but he is one of the most powerful members of the Black Bulls.

7 Secre Swallowtail

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Secre Swallowtail was the servant of the first Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. Taking the form of an anti-magic bird, Secre watched over Asta to make sure he was safe. It wasn’t until Clover Kingdom was truly in danger that she showed her true form to Asta, and she became an official member of the Black Bulls.

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Secre’s specialty is sealing magic, letting her open and close any magic or items. She even had the power to seal the first Wizard King in stone, keeping him alive for generations. Secre can also use her sealing spells to recover people, sealing up injuries or even reconnecting limbs.

6 Luck Voltia

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Luck Voltia is a 5th Class Junior Magical Knight who has a knack for battles. Luck was a simple kid, only craving battles and troubles from anyone he met. Due to this fact, Luck was ostracized, and it wasn’t until he joined the Black Bulls that truly felt at home.

Luck specializes in lightning magic, and he can use lightning as a projectile or as reinforcing magic. Luck’s main strategy is to go all out, and he uses his lighting to increase his speed and power. He’s an excellent one vs one fighter and he is by far one of the most aggressive fighters the Black Bulls have. After training for several months, Luck gained a new level of power that can channel natural mana into spells and create real lightning.

5 Charmy Pappitson

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Charmy Pappitson is a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight and a dwarf-human hybrid. As such, Charmy can use two magic types. She has access to cotton and food magic. The latter was learned after her battle with the elves. Cotton Magic allows Charmy to create and control cotton at will and can even create sheep to fight for her. Food magic allows her to consume any other magic and restore her own magic.

Charmy’s ability to wield two different kinds of magic makes her versatile and unpredictable. Her mana pool is so high that even an elf was intimidated by her power. Training in the Heart Kingdom unlocked greater control over both her Food and Cotton Magic. Charmy can create larger Cotton Magic abilities, and her Food Magic can now trap opponents, making her more dangerous than ever.

4 Nacht Faust

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Nacht Faust is the trusted vice captain of the Black Bulls. Once a close friend to Yami, Nacht changed his behavior after his family’s attempt to study and take control over devils resulted in him losing both his parents and his brother. Since then, Nacht has tried to become a more honorable fighter, someone who does everything the right way.

Nacht’s Shadow Magic allows him to travel through any shadows, even across massive distances. He can stop people from moving with them, or make himself disappear. Nacht’s other power is the ability to use Unite Magic to fuse with the devils his family summoned, with him boasting multiple Unite Mode forms that each grant him powers.

3 Noelle Silva

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Noelle Silva is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight who is the second daughter of the royal house Silva. She is proficient in water magic and has a huge pool of mana, because she is a royal. Since birth, Noelle has had trouble controlling her magic, but thanks to some incredible character development, she has gained mastery and can cast a variety of powerful spells.

Spells like Silva’s water barrier and her, “Sea Dragons Roar,” are powerful spells that use her deep mana pool. Her most striking spell is her Valkyrie armor, which envelops her body in water and gives her a powerful water lance. Further training granted her True Water Magic, but Silva’s most powerful form comes while merging with the water spirit Undine, making her into a Saint Stage magician.

2 Asta

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Asta is a 3rd Class Magic Knight and wields the rare five-leaf clover grimoire. In a world where magic is everything, Asta was born with no magic at all. Evening the playing field, Asta has access to one power. Because of how stubborn he can be in battle, Asta can conjure anti-magic swords to dispel any magic his blades come into contact with. Though he doesn’t always use this in the smartest way, it makes him one of the most dangerous fighters in the series.

Since Asta is the antithesis of the magic world, he is extremely powerful. He has access to a short sword, claymore, and greatsword, and they have different ways to cancel magic. After training with Nacht, Asta gained mastery over the power of his Unite Form, fusing him with his devil partner Liebe and vastly increasing his anti-magic power. Further training caused him to master the swordsman ability Zetten, which relies on the power of Ki combined with Anti-Magic.

1 Yami Sukehiro

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Yami Sukehiro is the titular Captain of the Black Bulls and one of the most powerful Magic Knights in Black Clover, Period. Yami can manipulate and control dark magic. He hailed from the distant Hino Country and has developed the ability to sense Ki.

Yami can use dark magic to cut holes in reality and create devastating attacks like Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash which single-handedly killed an opponent that the rest of the Black Bulls could not defeat together. He can also use dark magic to enhance his strength and speed, plus he is a master swordsman.

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