Strongest Marvel Villain Alliances

Juggernaut and Black Tom alongside the Wrecking Crew

After decades of storylines, few of Marvel’s villains have stuck to themselves over the years. The Master of Magnetism, Magneto, has partnered with Charles Xavier, and many of Spider-Man’s villains have teamed up in various Sinister Sixes. Even entire families have come out of the woodwork to torment some of the greatest Marvel superheroes.

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In many cases, villains have formed tight friendships that have seen them through years of battle. It’s safe to say that some of the strongest Marvel villain friendships are stronger than even the bonds between Earth’s mightiest heroes.



10 Mystique And Sabretooth

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Two loose cannons, Mystique And Sabretooth, have always spent their time on the wrong side of the law. While their relationship is often filled with insults and threats of violence, they also work together incredibly well. It helps that they tend to share the same goals.

The villains met when Mystique was still learning who she was, and Sabretooth helped guide her on the path to violence. While the two aren’t romantically involved, they share a son that has become a plague on their lives: Graydon Creed. Their friendship is as toxic as their son, but it has helped keep both of them grounded.

9 Juggernaut And Black Tom

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Despite his name, Juggernaut isn’t just a one-dimensional brute. He actually has developed a strong relationship with the underrated X-Men villain Black Tom Cassidy. The two met in prison, instantly forming a solid bond. From there, they became a dynamic duo of crime.

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Unfortunately, their friendship ended suddenly after Black Tom killed Juggernaut’s student, Squid-Boy. Since then, they have been at odds. Still, the early years of their friendship were a time when the duo were practically inseparable, and it is sad to see how far they’ve fallen.

8 Absorbing Man and Titania

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There’s something to be said for a friendship so strong that it evolves into a relationship and then into marriage. Absorbing Man and Titania may have crossed the line to heroism in Gamma Flight, but they started their careers by facing Thor, She-Hulk, and other Marvel heroes.

Since then, Absorbing Man and Titania have become one of the healthiest couples in Marvel. They support each other through thick and thin, and they always tend to think of their partner at every turn. Regardless of how much drama is packed into every page of Marvel’s comics, those two aren’t likely to separate anytime soon.

7 Dr. Doom And Molecule Man

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While Dr. Doom never had the best intention for Molecule Man, that doesn’t mean the two weren’t friends — by the standard of Marvel villains, anyway. With Doom’s help, Molecule Man managed to take on the Beyonders themselves, saving what remained of the multiverse.

In return, Molecule Man offered Doom unimaginable power. Doom often starved his loyal friend, which never stopped Molecule Man from supporting him. He’d always been a soft-hearted villain, and he just wanted to help ensure that someone could keep Battleworld alive.

6 The Wrecking Crew

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When the Wrecker was first given his powers, he could have hoarded them for himself. Many other villains would have done it. Yet the Wrecker looked at his friends, and he offered to let them share some of his Norse-powered might. Since then, the Wrecking Crew has been wreaking havoc across Earth-616.

No matter how often the Wrecking Crew are imprisoned, they always look out for one another. If it means breaking down buildings, running jailbreaks, or fighting even the Avengers, they’re willing to do it. They’re typically little more than henchmen, but they’re the most loyal henchmen around.

5 Avalanche And Pyro

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Wherever they go, heroes save civilians. Villains, meanwhile, tend to save themselves. That was the realization that led Avalanche to do everything he could to save his friend, Pyro. The two met as part of Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and hit it off fast.

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Yet, after Pyro was afflicted with the Legacy Virus, Avalanche helped the villain commit major crimes as a final farewell in some of the saddest X-Men comics. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and the two friends were forced to say their goodbyes. Pyro managed to turn himself into a hero just before his death, and Avalanche lived on without him — at least until Krakoan resurrection began.

4 Namor And Dr. Doom

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Another of Dr. Doom’s surprisingly close friends is the Sub-Mariner himself, King Namor. The two have backstabbed each other numerous times over the years, but their bond remains fairly strong all the same. After all, as kings with heavy responsibilities to their people, they can understand each other in a way that few others can.

It’s a friendship that has made Doom one of Namor’s closest allies. No matter how much they waffle on whether they can truly get along, the friendship between Atlantis and Latveria remains. That alone keeps the bond between Dr. Doom and Namor strong.

3 Red Skull and Crossbones

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Nothing goes together quite like a skull and crossbones, and that might be why Red Skull and Crossbones have come together. Crossbones signed on for Red Skull as a bloodthirsty mercenary, and that partnership began a long friendship. While they have occasionally separated over minor disagreements, they always end up together again.

Even after Red Skull’s death, Crossbones remained loyal enough to try to transfer his consciousness into Captain America’s body. It was a bloody affair that didn’t end well, but the effort was there. After Red Skull returned of his own accord, the two reunited and continued their endless villainy.

2 Baron Zemo and Fixer

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Villains meeting and becoming loyal friends isn’t exactly common once they have already established themselves. Yet Baron Zemo and Fixer forged a strong allegiance during their time on the Thunderbolts, and it has only grown since.

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Whenever Zemo puts together a roster for Thunderbolts, his mind goes to his loyal friend. Fixer tends to be happy to help, especially given that Zemo outright tried to resurrect Fixer after his friend lost his life. For once, a villainous friendship goes both ways, and henchman and leader alike have made sure to keep the other around.

1 The Original Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants

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Nothing forges a friendship quite like mutual interests. For the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, that mutual interest was achieving safety and security for Marvel’s mutants. They may be a controversial team that has fallen apart over the years, but their bond remains all the same.

After all, after the death of the Scarlet Witch in X-Factor#10 (created by Leah Williams, David Baldeón, Lucas Werneck, David Messina, and Israel Silva), Quicksilver, Toad, and Blob drank a toast to their fallen sister and comrade. Even after ages apart, they still recalled their bond, and Toad was even willing to suffer the Krakoan Pit just to keep her safe. It’s the mark of a true sacrifice for a true friendship.

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