Study Shows Young Justice Is Way More Popular Than the Average US TV Series

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A recently released study shows that HBO Max’s animated superhero series Young Justice is way more popular with U.S. audiences than the average TV series.

The study comes via data analytics company Parrot Analytics. It draws upon a range of sources (including downloading and streaming activity, social media presence, and fan and critic rating sites) to calculate that Young Justice is 15.2 times more in demand among viewers based in the U.S. This puts Young Justice among the top 2.7% of shows in the U.S. the market, while its percentile rank among action/adventure genre is an equally impressive 94.1%.


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Parrot Analytics’ data will no doubt come as welcome news to Young Justice fans desperate for HBO Max to revive the animated series for a fifth season. Young Justice was canceled in August 2022, as part of a wider content purge overseen by HBO Max’s owner, Warner Bros. Discovery. Later that month, Young Justice co-creator Greg Weisman suggested that the show could still make a comeback, provided the fanbase could convince Warner Bros. that there was sufficient demand for Young Justice Season 5. To that end, Weisman encouraged fans to buy the licensed tie-in comic series Young Justice: Targets as a way of proving to the studio that Young Justice deserves another chance.

Will Young Justice Join James Gunn’s DCU?

It’s currently unclear if Weisman’s efforts to rally Young Justice devotees to his cause have paid off, as neither HBO Max nor DC Studios have publicly commented on the future of the show. That said, DC Studios co-chair and co-CEO recently confirmed that the series “definitely” influenced his plans for the revamped DC Universe. Gunn didn’t elaborate further on exactly how Young Justice influenced his vision for the DCU, leaving fans to speculate on whether the team will return in a future animated movie or TV show. A Young Justice project is not part of the initial DCU slate announced by Gunn in January 2023, however.

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At least one concept from the beloved series may have made the jump to the DCU already, if a recent report is to be believed. According to established scooper Daniel Richtman, the relationship between Blue Beetle protagonist Jaime Reyes and the sentient scarab relic that grants him his powers will mirror the pair’s uneasy dynamic in Young Justice. “Similar to Young Justice, the scarab has a voice and you will hear it and Jaime argue throughout the movie,” Richtman claimed.

All four seasons of Young Justice are currently streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Parrot Analytics


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