Summer Time Rendering Drops Trailer 2 – Everything You Need To Know

AniTV just dropped the second official trailer for the most-awaited anime of this season – Summer Time Rendering! The anime, which is supposed to be dropping this April, is based on the long-running manga series of the same name. The manga, which recently ended in February last year, completed a total of 139 chapters and is all set for its animated release now.

In addition, a great thing about it is also that it is Disney+’s first anime in existence and we are very excited about the newly released trailer! The trailer looks very different from the first one, which was a brief and abrupt glimpse of the manga – starting from happy, slice-of-life anime scenes to taking a serious note and turning static, showing ominous dialogues and violence. 

The official trailer 2 gives in more insight into the plot – getting to hear firsthand about a shadow disease by an old man who looks like a native of the town our protagonist, Shunpei is from.

We also get a look at two new characters whose dialogues only confuse the watcher as the trailer shifts to random bloody scenes, clips of the sea at different angles, shots of Ushio before her death, and a number of other cuts from the first trailer as well. All of it is mysterious, difficult to understand, and all the more thrilling as we are compelled to know more, and of course – pick up the series as well.

Summer Time Rendering Release Date

This interesting horror/thriller anime is set to be released this year on the 14th of April. It will be provided internationally and exclusively on Disney+ and will also be the first-ever anime series to hit one of the biggest streaming platforms/brands. It seems that Disney+ wants to expand its target audience by venturing into the anime fanbase, as done by many other conglomerates like Netflix and Sony.

The Plot

Summertime Rendering by Yasuki Tanaka is a manga series that was first serialized in Shueisha’s digital Shonen Jump from October 2017 to February 2021. The plot of the series follows the life of our protagonist Shinpei Ajiro, who as an orphan lived with the Kofune sisters, Mio and  Ushio. He goes back to his hometown from Tokyo to his home island to mourn Ushio after he gets the news that she died in a drowning accident while trying to save a young girl named Shioro Kobayakawa.

Summertime Render Manga

After seeing the marks around Ushio’s neck, however, Shinpei is not convinced that she died in the water. He is convinced that there’s more to her death than what meets the eye. After seeing a vision of the deceased Ushio who tells him to save Mio, he is more than ready to further investigate the situation amongst dangerous entities roaming on the island. He soon discovers that he might just be able to prevent the demise of one of his childhood best friends if he manages to go through several time loops.

With the help of his friends and Mio, Shinpei starts his investigation only to have dug his grave deeper as the mystery never seems to end and something sinister starts infiltrating the island. The genre of the series is horror/thriller and it truly lives up to that tag, the anime will definitely be loved by people who enjoy a gripping mystery with lots of jump scares, and actions scenes. The weak of the stomach should also watch out for the gore in it.

The Cast

Summer Time Rendering will be produced by animation franchise OLM Studio – who have shown given us a great many childhood hits like Pokemon, Yo-Kai Watch, Beyblade, Berserk, and most recently, the anime adaptation for Netflix’s recent hot release, Komi Can’t Communicate. Judging from the beautiful animation in the trailer, it is certain that we can expect only good things from the show.

Shinpei Ajiro From Summertime Render Trailer 1

Voice actor Natsuki Hanae, who we popularly know as the voice behind major anime protagonists like Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro Kamado and Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki Ken, will be playing the main role again by voicing Shinpei Ajiro. Anna Nagase will be voicing Ushio Kofune, the older sister while Saho Shirasu who voiced Charlotte in The Detective Is Already Dead, will be playing the younger sister, Mio Kofune. 

Other Things To Look Forward To

In addition to an anime series, Summertime Rendering also ended its manga series with an announcement of a live-action and real-life escape game in the making. The dates are not confirmed yet, but both announcements were made at the end of the final chapter in February 2021. The anime is only a month away, so it is no doubt that according to the response of its audience, the game and live-action will not be too far away as well. 

Make sure to add Summertime Rendering to your anime list for a thrilling watch to start off your summer!

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