Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 Release Date: Who Is The Lady From The Ferry?

Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 Release date
Lady from the ferry is back

Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 will be back next week to muddle with our heads even further. Just when you think you got the gist of this anime, something is just around the corner to make us think otherwise. We were really glad to see Shinpei having a checkpoint where he can restart things if he messes up. But the enemy has figured out Shinpei’s trump card and keeping him alive. However, we were so glad to see that there was a way to kill the shadows. After a nice and slow-paced Episode last week, Summer Time Rendering Episode 4 came with even more twists.

We are eager to watch the next Episode that is Episode 5 of Summer Time Rendering. And if you, too, can’t wait for the ep 5 of Summertime Rendering and want to know details like the release date and what to expect from it, then don’t worry. We at Otakukart are always there to help all the way.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4 Recap

This is the question that leaves us to wonder. Just as we think that we might see hope in finding something regarding the shadows, a new obstacle is ready to stop Shinpei and the gang. The latter see Ushio’s aura or soul and follow it. It turns out that it is Ushio alive and in the flesh. Shinpei is confused, and he is sure that it is the Shadow that has taken Ushio’s body. However, Ushio does not call anything regarding the Shadow and is surprised that Shinpei is back in town. While she is at it, Ushio even confesses that she loves Shinpei, but Shinpei still thinks it’s the Shadow and tries asking her questions.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 5Summer Time Rendering Episode 5
Shinpei and Ushio

Ushio remembers that she died and is confused. She does not remember anything when she drowned and what is she doing here in the first place. Shinpei refuses to trust Ushio at first, but as he talks with her, he thinks it’s Ushio herself. Ushio insists on meeting with the others, but Shinpei tells her to stay hidden unless he can figure something out. The latter goes back to the gang and finds out that Sou is about to confess to Mio. Sou confesses his love to Mio and says he will do anything to protect her. Ushio, in disguise, arrives where the gang is and teases Sou into confessing his love. Everyone is shocked by seeing and hearing Ushio after they have been to her funeral and seen her ashes.

Mio advises Shinpei to get away from Ushio because she thinks it is the shadow monster. However, it turns out Shadow is there with Shinpei’s body, and he hurts Ushio. And words leave us to wonder what is going on.

What Happened To Shinpei?

It turns out that 10 minutes ago, before Shinpei arrived at the shrine to meet Mio, Sou, and his sister, on his way he was attacked by the Mio’s Shadow. It seems that Mio’s Shadow had already killed a bunch of people and burnt their bodies. Just as Mio’s Shadow is about to kill Shinpei, his shadow stop Mio that tells her that he might have the power to go back in time after he is dead with the knowledge of what will happen.

At first, Mio’s Shadow thinks that the traitor might have told Shinpei about the shadows, but Shinpei’s shadows refer to what their “Mother” said, and they decide to leave him alive. Shinpei’s Shadow copies Shinpei’s memories and goes on to meet the gang. Mio’s Shadow enjoys torturing Shinpei by breaking his hand, and just as she is about to break his legs, the lady from the ferry arrives and blows Mio’s Shadow’s head off with a shotgun.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 Release dateSummer Time Rendering Episode 5 Release date
Lady from the ferry is back

Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 Release Date

Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 will release on May 13, 2022. The Episode will be titled “Maelstrom”. Finally, we will get to know about the lady from the ferry and her intentions. She will possibly tell us more about the shadows.

Watch Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 Online – Streaming Details

Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 will be available to watch on Disney+ website for fans around the world as soon as it comes out.

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