Summer Time Rendering Episode 8 Release Date: The Revelation

With the 7th episode gone, we are going to talk about Summer Time rendering episode 8. Summer Time Rendering is an ongoing anime. It is adapted from a manga of the same name. The Summer Time rendering manga was released on Shueshia’a digital platform Shonen Jump+. The manga is filled with thrill, suspense, and the supernatural. Summer time rendering is an anime no weeb should miss. Recently the 7th episode of the show aired.

Summer time rendering anime began back on April 15, 2022. As of May 27, 2022, 7 episodes of the anime have aired so far. The anime is doing pretty well as it should be. With over twenty thousand votes, the anime has a rating of 8.3 out of 10 on the popular anime website My Anime List. Sumer time rendering is written by Yasuki Tanaka. Without further delay let us take a look at all the available information on summer time rendering episode 8.

What Is The Plot Of Summer Time Rendering?

Shinpei Ajiro’s parents died when he was young. After their death, he moved in to live with the Kofune family. In the Kofune family, he also lived with their daughters, Mio and Ushio, and made good friends with them. Although he soon leaves the household to pursue his studies in Tokyo. One day on his home island, a girl starts drowning. To save that girl, Ushio jumps and tragically dies by drowning. During Ushio’s funeral, Shinpei is informed by his friend that he saw bruises and marks around Ushio’s neck. Thus Shinpei is cast in doubt over the alleged death of her close friend.

Shinpei teams up with Mio to uncover the secret behind Ushio’s death. As soon as they start their investigation, strange things start taking place on the island. People start disappearing and many unexplainable things happen. Mio talks about an old story regarding something which is called ‘Shadows’.

With the dark side of the Hitogashima island revealing itself slowly and haunted by Ushio’s ghost, Shinpei vows to fulfill his promise to Ushio which was- to protect Mio at all costs.

Episode 7 Recap

At the end of the 6th episode, we all were left shocked. It was a big twist when we saw Shinpei traveling across time. 7th episode starts with Hizuru Minakata quickly deducing that Shinpei is a time traveler. Shinpei tells Hizuru and Ginjirou about the book written by Nagumo Ryuunosuke. The book is titled ‘The Swamp Man’. It explains how the swamp man appears just like the shadows. The protagonist is even named after Hizuru’s last name. Hizuru tells Shinpei that she also met a shadow 14 years ago which killed her family.

Shinpei tells Hizuru that they only have 54 hours before everyone disappears from the festival. He tells her of a big shadow with four arms that poses a danger. Shinpei also tells that before they can do anything, they have to eliminate Shiroi’s shadow first. Hizuru goes to Shiori’s house. She starts killing the shadows in the household.

Meanwhile, Nezu and Shinpei are waiting outside and start talking about Ryuunosuke. Nezu reveals that Ryuunosuke is Hizuru’s twin brother who died 14 years ago. Ryuunosuke died the same as Ushio. Everyone said he died due to the dogs aggressively biting him. But, Hizuru was adamant that it is murder as she saw marks of strangling on his neck. While they are talking, Hizuru is struggling to kill Shiori’s shadow.

Shiori manages to escape both Hizuru and Nezu but is caught by Shinpei. She reveals that she killed Ushio. Shiori also tells them that end is coming this summer. Before Shiori says anything, Hizuru kills her. Hizuru is revealed to have dual personalities of herself and her brother. The episode ends with Shinpei at his home in the kitchen turning back and seeing Ushio behind.

Summer-Time-Rendering episode 8.
Ending of Summer Time Rendering Episode 7

When Will Summer Time Rendering Episode 8 Release?

With the 7th episode releasing on 27th May, the 8th episode of Summer time rendering is not far away. Summer Time Rendering Episode 8is slated for a release on June 2, 2022.

Where To Watch Summer Time rendering Episode 8?

All the episodes of summer time rendering are available on the Disney+ network. The 8th episode will be available on the Disney+ At 12:00 AM JST. Unfortunately, the show is only available in the Japan region to Disney+ subscribers. So far no information has been revealed regarding a global release date. As a result, fans outside Japan will have to wait for maybe a few months before they can turn on Disney+ in their house and watch Summer time rendering.

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