Super Mario Bros. Movie Reveals Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong Voice

super mario bros movie donkey kong

A new teaser clip for Illumination’s animated Super Mario Bros. movie reveals Seth Rogen’s voice acting for Donkey Kong.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has revealed a new teaser clip that featuring a battle between Mario (Chris Pratt) and Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen).

The clip in question marks the first time the film’s version of Donkey Kong has been shown speaking out loud. The scene begins with Mario and Donkey Kong facing each other in an arena, and Mario confidently charges at his opponent, who then knocks him to the ground with little effort. Princess Peach and Toad watch the fight from afar with concern. The character next to them appears to be Cranky Kong, taking on a kingly sort of role. Fred Armisen has been confirmed as the voice actor for Cranky Kong, but he is not shown speaking in the clip.

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This scene was featured in a previous trailer for the film already, though this clip actually continues on past the initial beatdown. Mario hits a question-mark block and receives the cat suit power-up first featured in Super Mario 3D World. Mario swiftly jumps back down with new confidence, but since the suit isn’t very intimidating, Donkey Kong laughs at him before throwing another punch. The clip ends with a title card and the movie’s release date: April 7.

Fan reactions to The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s cast list have been mixed. The video’s replies are mostly positive, however. The most controversy still lies with the casting choice of Pratt as Mario. Some fans claim that his voice doesn’t fit, and that Charles Martinet should have voiced Mario, as he has voiced the iconic plumber in the video games for years. Others, however, say that Pratt’s interpretation is just as valid.

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The Mario Bros. Return to Theaters

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was announced back in 2018. Nintendo initially seemed reluctant to create a new movie with any of its properties, since the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993 was a critical and commercial failure. However, series creator Shigeru Miyamoto became interested in making an animated film after meeting Illumination’s founder during development of Universal Studios’ Super Nintendo World theme park area. The film is directed by the co-creators of Teen Titans Go!: Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie releases in theaters in the United States on April 7.

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