Susan Sarandon Arrested at New York Protest

academy award winning actor susan sarandon standing in front of a stone wall in a sequined suit

Academy Award winner and Hollywood icon Susan Sarandon is arrested in New York while participating in a protest for fair wages for tipped employees.

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Hollywood icon Susan Sarandon arrested in New York during wage protest.

Per Entertainment Tonight, the Academy Award winner was arrested alongside Ana Maria Archila and other demonstrators who turned up to protest for full minimum wages for mothers who are tipped workers. The protest was headed up by the nonprofit One Fair Wage, which fights for fair wages for tipped workers. Many states allow such workers to be paid as little as $2.13 per hour. During the protest, Sarandon could be seen chanting “one fair wage” along with other protesters. Neither Sarandon nor her representatives have yet to issue an official statement on her arrest, which reportedly amounted to Sarandon being handcuffed and processed before being issued a citation for an impending court appearance and subsequently released.


Source: Entertainment Tonight


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