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Takeshi Nogami, Yuriko Nishiyama Each Launch New Manga on Manga Cross Site

Nogami draws Haruka Reset manga, Nishiyama draws Tokugawa Otenba Hime manga

Akita Shoten‘s Manga Cross website revealed on Wednesday that both Takeshi Nogami and Yuriko Nishiyama will launch two different manga on the website in July.

Yuriko Nishiyama will launch a new manga titled Tokugawa Otenba Hime ~Saigo no Shōgun no Hime-sama to no Yukai na Nichijō~ (The Tokugawa’s Tomboy Princess ~Pleasant Daily Life With the Princess of the Last Shogun~) on July 21, with new chapters every first and third Wednesday of every month. The manga adapts the 2018 autobiographical book of the same title (pictured at right) by Kumiko Ide, the granddaughter of Japan’s last shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu, and the youngest daughter of statesman Tokugawa Yoshihisa.

Tokyopop previously published Nishiyama’s Harlem Beat and Dragon Voice manga in English.

Takeshi Nogami will launch a new manga titled Haruka Reset on July 2, with new chapters every Friday. The site describes the manga as a “fun holiday manga for people who don’t get enough vacations.”

Nogami assisted with original character designs for the Girls und Panzer anime, and then worked on the character designs for Girls und Panzer der Film. He has also worked on character designs for the High School Fleet anime, and designed the “Third Aerial Girls Squad” for the Shirobako anime. He created his own manga series Sailor-fuku to Jūsensha, Shidenkai no Maki, and Zerokan of the Moonlight Lua, and contributed art for Anastasia Moreno‘s Marine Corps Yumi. His original dōjinshi series The Azure Century Chronicles has an English release.

Source: Manga Cross

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