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Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 342: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 342

Nie Li took up the stage in a competition to demonstrate the usage of Dao intent, so Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 342 will have us see how this continues. With various senior brothers showing their exceptional skills, he volunteered to go next just when the stage is about to close. A lot of people were really looking down on him, but he was so determined to join in the exhibition. So some of the audience thought that he is going to show great skills in his Dao intent the would surpass those of the Senior brothers.

As he was on his way, he whispered to Gu Bei that he should watch carefully with all his senses as it will benefit his cultivation later. Most of the audience continued to look down on him and had no greater expectations from him. He noted that earlier, someone had displayed their skills in calligraphy, so he offered to do the same and would not be showing a different form of Dao intent arts. Gu Bei wondered why Nie Li gave him such advice so it would appear that by making this gesture, he was aiming at him.

Before he could start, he told the audience that the word he will be writing up is only for those who are destined for it. But the general audience had already given up on him and found something else they could attend to instead. His Dao intent hasn’t reached the destiny realm yet, so as a junior brother, not much was expected from him. While others wonder what he could be trying to demonstrate, he went on and started writing something down.

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Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 342

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 342

Previously on Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 341

It appears like Nie Li was doing ordinary calligraphy as no Dao intent came from the writings he was doing. The audience was expecting to at least feel a little of Dao’s intent from his calligraphy, but nothing came, which was even disappointing to them. Even though he was reminded that the purpose of this competition is to display Dao’s comprehension, he continued with his calligraphy, and it was not clear what he was trying to portray. But in the end, all he did was just simple calligraphy drawings. Everyone in the audience was still wondering what happened because, at this point, this would not qualify as a Dao intent usage.

So, in the end, he appeared to have written down calligraphy for the word “Sword.” Aside from his calligraphic skills being advanced, there appeared to be nothing more to what he did. And even the program director was a little bit disappointed. Meanwhile, one of the senior brothers thought that maybe Nie Li might be some sort of a prodigy in Dao usage. But it turned out he went on the stage for a different purpose instead of demonstrating his Dao skills. We should wait for the next chapter to see how this would continue. Because at this point, it looks like Nie Li went up there for something other than his Dao usage. Before he took the stage, he whispered to Gu Bei that he should watch what he is going to do very carefully.

Maybe the next episode will reveal what will happen afterward, as this is only the first section of chapter 341. The rest of the section will reveal more about what is really happening with Nie Li or if he is just stupid in the same way that the Senior brothers think he is.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 342 Release Date

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 342 will be released on 23 August 2021. The manhua currently releases chapters in sections, with each section being released once in a period of about three days. This means that the remaining section of Chapter 341 will be released with three days. Currently, Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 341.1 has been released, so next, we expect to get Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 341.5, which will be the last section of the chapter, and then we will be able to get to the next chapter.

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