Tales of The Walking Dead Season 2 Gets a Hopeful Update

Idalia and Eric confront La Dona in Tales of the Walking Dead

Tales of The Walking Dead creator Scott M. Gimple is hopeful about Season 2 of the spinoff series and believes the team will get to it soon enough.

Tales of The Walking Dead creator Scott M. Gimple opened up about the possible return of the anthology series for a second season.

Speaking to Collider, executive producer Gimple shared that he’s hopeful about a second season in the near future. “We’re focusing on these classic characters, this year. The thing with Tales, it didn’t end on this cliffhanger where you’ve gotta get back to that. It’s an anthology show,” he shared. “So, I’m hoping that we can get back to it, but it’s probably gonna be catch all as catch can, as far as within all the other shows.”

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Tales of the Walking Dead is one of the many spinoffs in the Walking Dead universe, however, it is the only one that is an anthology. Featuring singular episodes based on new and old characters, the AMC show premiered in August 2022. The first season arrived to positive reviews and was well-received by audiences as well. Cast members of the first season include Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey, Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, and Danny Ramirez.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gimple also discussed the expansion of the Walking Dead universe and explained that the current focus was on “classic character shows.” “We’re still wrapping up Fear the Walking Dead. And then, there are other projects that have been on the burner, as well. We’re getting the next phase ready,” he explained.

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The Growth of the Walking Dead Universe

Gimple, who is the Chief Content Officer of The Walking Dead universe, spoke about the challenges of working on the spinoffs while also handling the final season of Walking Dead. “There was a moment where we had six going, in different phases, at once, that have either made it to air or are making it to air. That isn’t even bringing into the conversation the things that we’re developing,” he shared.

The showrunner highlighted how it was a lot of work to have multiple series running at the same time. “It’s been exciting, in those moments where I see the shows help each other out in different ways, and people sharing knowledge, and people going to each other. I dig that. It’s a very singular thing that we do. We’re all in this little club of The Walking Dead showrunners.”

The Walking Dead universe has been rapidly expanding with a total of six spinoffs including three that have already been released. The Walking Dead: Dead City, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and an untitled Rick and Michonne series are three of the upcoming spinoffs that will focus on different characters from the franchise.

Source: Collider


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