Tears of the Kingdom Great Fairy Fountain Guide

Tears of the Kingdom - Great Fairy bursting out of her bud

Great Fairies are a staple in The Legend of Zelda franchise and typically provide a means by which Link can be healed and/or gain new abilities, powers, and upgrades to assist him on his adventures. In Breath of the Wild, however, they primarily served to upgrade Link’s outfits, and Tears of the Kingdom brings them back for the same purpose.

There are four Great Fairies in Tears of the Kingdom, and while finding them can happen by accident, coaxing them to emerge from their buds is a different story. Fortunately, it’s a fairly straightforward process once it begins. Here’s how to find each Great Fairy and open their buds.


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The First Great Fairy Fountain Is Near Lookout Landing

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In order to find the first Great Fairy, Tera, you’ll need to head to the Lucky Clover Gazette (-3253, 1770, 0119) and speak with the NPCs there to become a reporter for them. Next, head over to Woodland Stable (1058, 1130, 0022), northeast of Lookout Landing.

Once you arrive, speak with Penn, who is seen having an investigative conversation with the musicians outside. You’ll eventually be tasked with repairing the musicians’ wagon, Breezer, using the spare wheels nearby. Once you’ve repaired it, speak with the musicians again and offer to take them to the Great Fairy. To drive them there, you’ll need to equip your horse with a towing harness, which costs 3 Pony Points at the stables, and then attach that to the wagon.

Upon your arrival at the Great Fairy’s bud, the musicians will play a short melody and the Great Fairy will burst out of the bud. After a brief conversation, the musicians will commit to reuniting their musical troupe, the Stable Trotters. They will then move on to the other Great Fairies in an attempt to bring them out of hiding, and Tera then reveals their locations on your map.

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Great Fairy Mija Is in the Herba Region

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Great Fairy Mija’s bud can be found in the Tabantha Tundra, but you’ll need to first head to the Snowfield Stable (-1644, 2566, 0234) southwest of her location and speak with Mastro to receive the “Serenade to Mija” quest. Before heading to the Great Fairy, however, you’ll need to find Eustus, their horn player, who fell into a large pit (-3661, 0763, 0118) just south of Nero Hill in the Tabantha Frontier. Once you find him, build a contraption with the nearby materials to pull him and his wagon out of the pit. Once he’s out, he’ll decide to rejoin the Stable Trotters.

Make your way back to Snowfield Stable and speak with Mastro, who will now ask you to repair the Breezer’s roof using the materials nearby. Once you’ve finished repairing the roof, speak with Mastro and offer to take them to the Great Fairy. Heed his advice on directions, because if you wreck the Breezer, you’ll have to start over from the stable. After you arrive at the Great Fairy fountain and witness the brief cutscene, you’ll be rewarded with 100 Rupees for your efforts.

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Great Fairy Kaysa Is in Hyrule Field

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Great Fairy Kaysa’s bud can be found just west of the Outskirt Stable (-1436, -1266, 0032), southwest of Hyrule Field. Once you arrive at the stable, speak with Mastro to start the “Serenade to Kaysa” quest where you’ll be tasked with tracking down the musical troupe’s flutist, Pyper, who can be found near the Highland Stable (0520, -3443, 0047), southeast of the Bridge of Hylia on the southern edge of the map.

Once you arrive at Highland Stable, look for Pyper playing his flute atop a large tree in a small group of trees just north of the stable. Climb the tree to speak with him, and he’ll task you with collecting 10 sunset fireflies, which can be found at night, in the forest north of the stable. Once you’ve collected enough, return to Pyper, and he will ask you to bring his friend Haite from the stable to meet him. Invite her to follow you back to the tree for a brief cutscene, then Pyper will decide to rejoin the Stable Trotters.

Upon returning to Outskirt Stable and speaking with Mastro, you’ll learn that the Breezer has broken down yet again and the only path to the Great Fairy is blocked by some large boulders. Nearby is a giant rock slab with three wheels attached to it. Attach the remaining wheel, the control lever, and the Breezer, then speak with Mastro. Finally, take the musicians to the Great Fairy, and you’ll be rewarded with 100 Rupees.

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Great Fairy Cotera Is in the Dueling Peaks Region

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To open Great Fairy Cotera’s bud, first head to the Dueling Peaks Stable (1750, -1921, 0010) and speak with Mastro to receive the “Serenade to Cotera” quest. You’ll now learn that Beetz, their drummer, has gone missing, but he can be found on the road to Kakariko Village, northeast of the stable (2166, -1381, 0108). Before you head there, however, ensure you have three Courser Bee Honeys in your inventory. Speak to Beetz once you find him, give him the Courser Bee Honeys, and he’ll give you 100 Rupees and commit to rejoining the Stable Trotters.

Head back to Dueling Peaks Stable and speak with Mastro. They’ll eventually decide to cross the river, but when you meet them there, you’ll be tasked with fixing up the Breezer one final time. Build a makeshift boat out of the nearby materials, then take the troupe across the river toward Great Fairy Cotera. After a brief cutscene, you’ll be rewarded with 100 Rupees.


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