Tears of the Kingdom – How to Best Use Recall

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Link gauntlet Recall ability

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom adds a host of new abilities to Link’s repertoire. These include his Ultrahand ability, which allows players to grab and move objects, and his Fuse ability, which can be used to make powerful variants of weapons and attach certain items to arrows that both increase their damage and change their damage type. Perhaps the most innovative power in this new Zelda entry, however, is his Recall ability.

Link’s Recall ability allows him to stop time and then reverse its flow for a specific object. To use it, players need only select it from the power wheel, then select the object they wish to rewind. While the ability does have some very specific uses in the game, it effortlessly proves its versatility, as it can be used to solve puzzles, take players to new heights, and give them the upper hand in combat.


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Use Recall to Solve Puzzles

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You will spend plenty of time with puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom, and Recall can be an extremely useful tool for solving them, especially if the puzzle is designed for it. There are dozens of Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom with puzzles that require you to use Recall to reverse the direction of a platform or a raft to access a new area. For example, a platform may be moving away from the area you’re trying to reach, and if you use Recall on it, it will move toward that area instead.

Use Recall to Reach New Heights

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While making your way through the fields of Hyrule, you may have noticed those peculiar chunks of stone debris falling from the sky. They may not seem like much at first, but if you climb atop one and use Recall on it, it will reverse it to a time long before it hit the ground and take Link to the sky with it. This is a quick and effective method for getting a good layout of the land while you’re exploring, or for reaching the Sky Islands. If you happen to fall with it, don’t fret. You won’t take any damage when it hits the ground.

It’s worth noting that Recall can be used on just about anything to reach new heights. Even if you use Ultrahand to lift a platform off the ground and then drop it, you can immediately use Recall while aboard the platform to have it take you to the height you dropped it from. This can be especially useful in situations where there appears to be no other way to access an elevated area.

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Use Recall to Give You the Upper Hand in Combat

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One of the most useful aspects of Recall is that it stops time indefinitely the moment you activate it. This can present you with some valuable opportunities to plan your next move, especially if you find yourself in a challenging situation. While you can’t move Link around until you begin reversing time, you can move the camera quite a bit, allowing you to survey the battlefield before getting back into the fray.

Recall can also be used to reverse the flow of certain objects that enemies may throw at you, like boulders or iron spike balls, so it can be incredibly effective when used as a weapon as well. If the object happens to hit your enemies on its way back to them, they’ll take damage from it or be killed by it. However, if you decide you simply want to use Recall to stop time, you can cancel it at any time by pressing L again.


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