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While there is a wide variety of armor sets for players to obtain in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, none may compare to the Hero of Time set. Reminiscent of Link’s wardrobe from Ocarina of Time, the armor set lets players enjoy playing through Link’s latest adventure while wearing one of the most iconic outfits from the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Each piece of the Hero of Time armor set can be found in Tears of the Kingdom‘s new underground world, the Depths, so players interested in retrieving it will likely be faced with some of the game’s toughest challenges on the road to obtaining it. Here’s how to find the Cap of Time, the Tunic of Time, and the Trousers of Time.


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Where to Find the Cap of Time

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The trek to get the Cap of Time is very lengthy and very challenging, primarily because there are no Chasms near its location. Before heading down to the Depths, make sure your inventory is stocked with plenty of Brightbloom Seeds and meals. Additionally, having enough Zonai Devices on hand to build a flying vehicle can help tremendously, but be sure to at least bring a Flame Emitter with you. Finally, it’s worth upgrading your Energy Cell a few times and attaching a few Brightbloom Seeds to your vehicle as a cost-effective way to produce light while traveling through the Depths.

The simplest path to the Cap of Time begins at the Gerudo Summit Chasm (-4196, -0639, 0648). Dive into the Chasm, and as soon as it opens up into the Depths, activate your Paraglider and begin gliding north. Tulin’s Power of Wind really comes in handy here, as it can give you a few extra boosts during this glide. Your target is the Sasag Lightroot (-4164, 0097, -0489), which you should be able to see while gliding, but for now, head for a vehicle assembly area at -4079, -0224, -0766.

At this particular assembly area, you’ll find a Balloon and a base for a Hot Air Balloon. Attach the Flame Emitter to the center of the base, and the Balloon to the top to create a Hot Air Balloon, then ride it until you’re able to glide over to the Sasag Lightroot. Note that it will take nearly four full Energy Cell batteries to get you high enough to glide over without climbing. Once you reach the Lightroot, activate it, then continue moving north along the west wall.

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Your next goal is the Kataki Lightroot (-3951, 1139, -0551), which is a great distance from where you’re at, but if you stay near the wall, you shouldn’t encounter too many enemies. Once you activate it, continue heading north toward the So-oaw Lightroot (-4057, 1989, -0674). The path to this Lightroot isn’t as linear as the last, but there are plenty of routes you can take to avoid any enemies you come across if you choose to.

From the So-oaw Lightroot, you’ll want to head northwest and climb the nearby hills. You’ll know you’ve reached the top when you can see a Flux Construct III sentry tower on a large, round platform in the distance. The Flux Construct III is extremely dangerous, so move around it for now and press on. From here, it’s going to be a straight shot to the Nupisoyuat Lightroot (-4537, 2879, -0707). After activating it, head southeast toward the newly-revealed lava spots on the map.

Head for the base of a large root at -4155, 2576, -0567 and follow it all the way up. You’ll have to climb some gloom-ridden walls to get there. Once the root begins to level out near the lava falls, look to the left of the nearest lava fall, and you should see a chest on a pillar there. The Cap of Time is inside that chest at -4078, 2800, -0450.

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Where to Find the Tunic of Time

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The Tunic of Time is significantly easier to find than the Cap of Time, but you’ll still have to do a bit of walking to obtain it. Begin by diving into the Hyrule Ridge Chasm (-2645, 1126, 0164), then activate the Tikanur Lightroot to your northeast once you land. From there, head northeast until you reach the Lindor Canyon Mine. The chest containing the tunic is in the middle of a platform at -2002, 1310, -0715.

Where to Find the Trousers of Time

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The Trousers of Time are the easiest piece of the Hero of Time armor set to obtain, as you will land near the chest containing the trousers after diving into a chasm. Once again, dive into the Gerudo Summit Chasm and land. Toss a Brightbloom Seed to the south, and you should be able to see the chest at -4180, -0697, -1121 from where you’re standing.


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