Tears of the Kingdom Should Bring Back Link’s House From BOTW

Link standing outside of his House in BOTW, in front of his labeled sign

With The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releasing in less than ten days, the need for information on this “new” Hyrule is at an all-time high. From shots in the trailers alone, fans have been able to identify various Zelda locations, as well as hints that certain areas have changed with the mysterious Upheaval event. Along with the return of a distressed Hyrule Castle and the equally troubled Death Mountain, one location from Breath of the Wild deserves to return in the sequel, ideally with positive changes.


In the relatively sleepy Hateno Village lies the opportunity for the player to give Link some stability in his apocalypse-preventing quest by buying him a house and fully furnishing it with upgrades. While not the most exciting location Link visits throughout his journey, his house offers far more than its simple exterior suggests.

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Make the House a Base of Operations

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The most apparent benefit of owning Link’s house is having access to the commodities of a home, more or less. With all the weapons and shields available in Breath of the Wild, the storage offered by his house is great for saving a select few of each. Given how the new Fuse mechanic for tools in Tears of the Kingdom leads to several new options for weapons, this storage option is more important than ever before. Beyond the tool displays, Link’s house offers a cooking pot outside, making the task more convenient. With TOTK adding recipe cards to streamline cooking, cooking pots are simpler to use and very necessary. Beyond that, the house provides a free bed, making healing and passing the time just as simple.

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The Legacy of Zelda’s Champions Is on Display in the House

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The Champions, along with their unfortunate demises, play a major role in the narrative of BOTW as well as in Link’s growth. With part of his plan for defeating Calamity Ganon revolving around freeing the possessed Divine Beasts, the more personal connection for Link is the bittersweet ability to finally let the Champions complete their unfinished business and set the souls of his friends free. Once the Champions’ Ballad DLC is completed, the final reward of the trials presented is not the exciting Master Cycle Zero, but instead, a framed photograph of the Champions, Zelda and Link, capturing a perfectly imperfect moment in time for the group.

Inside Link’s house, in a space near his bed, the player will be prompted to choose to hang up the photo of the Champions. After Calamity Ganon is defeated in combat and Dark Beast Ganon is sealed away by a freed Zelda, the spirits of the Champions, along with the King, finally depart from the land of Hyrule and are at peace. With TOTK taking place after the events of BOTW, it would be safe to assume the Champions are still gone. Should Link’s house return in the sequel, it would be the only appearance of the departed Champions of Hyrule, bringing back that emotional nostalgia as well as serving as a reminder of what Link and Zelda have personally lost.

Room for Home Improvement

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While Link’s house currently provides just enough convenience, there are obvious shortcomings that could easily be improved in Tears of the Kingdom. Perhaps the most frustrating component is the lack of storage, with only three tools available for display. Having a way to store materials could complement all the ways tools can be fused, as well as generally serving as a great way to hold onto certain rare items. Additionally, the bed in his house should offer the same rewards as the “luxury” beds found in the towns around Hyrule, those being additional temporary hearts and stamina. The potential for Link’s house is as promising as the other creative additions on display in Tears of the Kingdom.


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