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Thai YouTuber MindaRyn’s 2nd Single ‘Like Flames’ Out Now on Digital Platforms

Thai YouTuber MindaRyn‘s 2nd Single “Like Flames” Out Now on Digital Platforms!

Call for Cover Songs!

MindaRyn is a Thai anisong singer who gained popularity through her anisong cover videos, and her YouTube channel has over 950,000 subscribers.

Her 2nd Single “Like Flames,” which is used as the second OP theme song for season 2 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, released on July 7 on digital platforms ahead of the physical edition.

“Like Flames” is a fast-paced rock song written and composed by Sachiko, the vocalist and guitarist of the girl’s rock band FliP.
A “Like Flames” music video has also been released on MindaRyn‘s YouTube channel.

MindaRyn – Like Flames | Music Video

MindaRyn has put out a call for cover videos of “Like Flames.” Any cover videos uploaded to YouTube will be added to a playlist created on her channel. To encourage people to create cover videos, she has set up a special webpage where you can download the instrumental recordings for free. The idea behind this plan is to share “Like Flames” with the whole world, whether you’re listening to it or singing it.

In addition, the English version of “Like Flames” sung by MindaRyn premiered on Sunday, July 11 at 20:00. We are also looking for covers of the English version.

MindaRyn “Like Flames” Covers Webpage

MindaRyn – Like Flames (English version) | Lyric Video

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