The 10 Best Batcaves, Ranked

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The Batcave is one of the most important DC locations because it’s not only safe, but it has everything that Batman needs in order to be able to fight crime effectively. In the comics, fans first got to see a Batcave in Batman #12 by Don Cameron, Jerry Robinson, and George Roussos while on-screen, the cave first appeared in the 1943 Batman serial.

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Since then, there have been different versions of Batcaves in different forms of Batman media. A good number of these Batcaves have their own unique origin stories too as well as varying features. Among the numerous Batcaves, a few have stuck in fans’ minds not only because of their designs but also because they make Batman’s work much easier.

10 The Reevesverse Batcave Is Located In An Unusual Place

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Batman being only in his second year as a crimefighter in The Batman means his Batcave is a little less equipped. Even so, it’s unique compared to other Batcaves because it’s built inside an old Beaux-Arts train stop right underneath the Wayne Tower instead of under the Wayne Manor.

The simplicity is thus the Batcave’s appeal and even though it has too much open space for the liking of some fans, it has everything that Robert Pattinson’s Batman needs. In addition to that, the most prominent Bat Family member, Alfred, gives a stamp of approval in the movie, something the butler has never been seen doing in relation to any other cave.

9 The DCAU Batcave Is A Fortress

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Batman’s lack of powers means he heavily relies on gadgets and the Batcave seen in the DC animated universe has plenty of those. Apart from having an advanced crime lab, it houses the Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, Batcycle, and Robin’s Redwing bike. Thanks to the lab, Batman easily conducts forensic and scientific analysis in it

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Through it, he not only discovers the composite elements of Poison Ivy’s clay and Clayface’s clay but also finds a cure for Man-Bat. The DCAU Batcave is somewhat of a Gotham villain museum too as it has memorabilia such as Mister Freeze’s gun and the Joker’s cards. Most importantly, it’s a fortress, so much so that the Justice League once hides there during the Thanagarian Invasion.

8 The Arkham Asylum Batcave Is Strategically Placed

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An ever-cautious person, the Arkham universe of Bruce Wayne understands that having one Batcave is risky since his efficiency would be compromised if it ever got destroyed. Keeping up with his strategic nature, he builds several satellite caves, with the most impressive one being the one located under Arkham Asylum.

Since Bruce Wayne’s main goal has always been to keep the vast majority of the Batman rogues gallery members in Arkham Asylum, constructing a Batcave underneath enables him to monitor them easily and prevent them from escaping. Features-wise, the cave is superior too as it has over ten exits and an emergency Batwing for purposes of escape or pursuit. Additionally, the Bat-computer is not just for research but one capable of inventing too. This is proven when it creates a Titan Formula antidote.

7 Gotham Knights Batcave Has A Self-Destruct System

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Among the best-known, Ra’s al Ghul facts is that he gets to destroy the Wayne Manor in several forms of Batman media. However, he isn’t given such an honor in Gotham Knights. Instead, it’s Batman who destroys it by activating a feature only this particular version of the Batcave has: Code Black.

In the game, the self-destruct system traps Batman and Ra’s inside, preventing the villain from killing members of the Bat-family. It’s a unique feature rarely seen in other forms of Batman media and would likely be useful too during moments when Batman has been left with no choice but to destroy what he worked hard to build.

6 The First Burtonverse Batcave Is Perfect For Surveillance

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The Batcave seen in Batman 89 holds a special place in the hearts of fans because it’s the first modern live-action version of the Caped Crusader’s base. With it, Batman also abides by his love for stealth as it can only be accessed via a retractable wall that is located along a country road.

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The standout feature in the Batcave is the surveillance equipment, which Batman uses to spy on the attendees of a gala. The cave has romantic significance as it’s the only one that one of Batman’s other love interests (except for Catwoman and Rachel Dawes) ever gets to know about in live-action and animation. This happens when Batman takes Vicki Vale there after fleeing from the Joker.

5 The Snyderverse Batcave Is A Fancy Apartment

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The Batcave used by Affleck’s Batman in Earth-1 isn’t a cave but a fancy apartment. It’s also different from the rest because it’s located under Bruce Wayne’s new residence, the Glasshouse, rather than under the Wayne Manor.

In terms of features, the Batcave has much of the same equipment that others do, with the only additional location being the gym area. Story-wise, it’s superior too because it’s part of an alternate timeline where Darkseid gets access to it as well as part of a memorable scene where Batman hangs out with the Flash.

4 The Second Burtonverse Batcave Adds Some New Features

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Fans get to see Batman making plenty of progress in the Tim Burton movies and one of the things he upgrades is the Batcave. There are not only several workstations placed on a larger chasm but also numerous vaults used for storing Batsuits.

This particular version of the Batcave would be very hard for any foe to sneak into too because it can only be accessed by a secret switch located in a fish tank. Additionally, it’s an engineer’s dream hangout spot thanks to the well-equipped repair area which allows Batman to fix the Batmobile after it almost gets damaged by the Penguin.

3 The History Of The Nolanverse Batcave Is A Rich One

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In The Dark Knight, it’s stated that the tunnels leading in and out of the Batcave were once used by Bruce’s ancestors to transport freed slaves. This makes the Wayne family an important part of American history.

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Though not stuffed with equipment, the Batcave is aesthetically pleasing too as it can be accessed through a waterfall and has great interior décor. No chances are taken when it comes to security either. Early in the trilogy, it’s shown that the main entrance can only be accessed by pressing three key in a piano. That’s definitely something an outsider would have a hard time figuring out

2 Terry’s Batman Beyond Base Of Operations Is On A Tower

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Terry McGinnis is considered one of the best versions of Batman because he is unique in many ways. Apart from his costume, Terry also has a distinctive kind of Batcave that’s located in a penthouse rather than a cave. His brother thus refers to it as a Bat-suite.

Bruce Wayne would never dream of putting his center of operations at Wayne Tower but Terry just so happens to be part of a new generation that enjoys flamboyance rather than secrecy. Still, villains can forget about attacking it because it’s hidden from plain view by hologram walls. All the surrounding building s happen to be owned by Wayne Enterprises too, so the place is quite secure.

1 Adam West’s Batcave Is Way Beyond Its Time

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Adam West’s Batman is goofy on many levels, but he knows how to build the perfect lair. His Batcave ranks first because it’s unmatched by any other when it comes to special features. Today, it would be unimaginable for a Batcave to have a nuclear reactor but this version did.

The lair also has a mainframe computer at a time when such machines were only available for industrial use. In addition, it has a Bat-speech imitator to full intruders that Batman is inside, an automatic costume change device, a truth-control Bat-tester, a weather analyzer, and a Bat-roscope among others. And in the typical campy tone of the show, Batman and Robin make their entrances by sliding down poles that stretch all the way up to the Wayne Manor.

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