The 10 Grossest Anime Cannibals

Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist, Big Mom from One Piece, and Tabe from My Hero Academia split image

The subject of cannibalism is one so morbid that many anime don’t have it at all. It makes whatever universe its part of significantly darker, especially if the behavior in question is depicted within the series itself.

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Although cannibalism generally refers to characters that eat humans, there are others who solely eat those of their own kind. In both instances, it takes an appalling amount of barbarism to even consider such a grim task, let alone act on it. The characters that practice cannibalism quickly demonstrate that they are meant to be feared and in most instances, reviled.

10 Gluttony Was His Master’s “Garbage Disposal”

Fullmetal Alchemist

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Gluttony’s appetite for humans was one of the most immutable truths of Fullmetal Alchemist. His entire character is defined by his appetite, and he craves the chance to eat the heroes. As a result, Gluttony’s master tasked him with disposing of witnesses, usually after a stronger homunculus killed them.

When left unchecked, Gluttony’s hunger became dangerous. In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, it resulted in him accidentally swallowing Edward and Envy. In the 2003 series, he ate Dante after his mind was largely erased.

9 Big Mom Ate Her Own Adoptive Mother

One Piece

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A powerhouse and anomaly of the One Piece world, Big Mom’s childhood was complicated. Mother Carmel’s protection ensured that she was relatively undisturbed by the giants of Elbaf, though they eventually had to move due to her many violent tantrums.

During a particularly eventful hunger pang, Big Mom accidentally ate both Carmel and her adoptive “siblings.” She never discovered that she was solely responsible for their demise, meaning that the emperor is unlikely to learn the consequence of what her voracious stomach can do.

8 Minister Honest Indulged In Recreational Cannibalism

Akame Ga Kill!

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Akame Ga Kill‘s Minister Honest was well known for his corruption. His status as the Emperor’s advisor allowed him to commit atrocities beneath the authorities’ notice. Cannibalism was one of his more discreet hobbies, as he conveyed to Night Raid in a disturbing reveal.

Ironically, Honest was generally too weak to attack enemies himself, so he relied on his position in order to receive a steady supply of “luxuries.” Given how deep-rooted the Capital’s corruption actually was, it made any form of peaceful revolution impossible and a miscarriage of justice.

7 Eren Ate Multiple People

Attack On Titan

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Cannibalism was necessary to become a Titan shifter in Attack On Titan. This was a reality that Eren realized and readily embraced, as seen when consuming Grisha to gain the powers of the Founding and Attack Titans.

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During the battle for Liberio, Eren would have devoured Lara Tybur whole if not for her protective shell. Instead, he forced Porco to shatter her defenses and consumed the bloody aftermath. Eren has eaten more people than any other Titan shifter, with only his pure Titan counterparts potentially surpassing him in the number of enemies consumed.

6 Binolt Ate Young Women

Hunter X Hunter

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Binolt was a gruesome cannibal in the Hunter X Hunter universe. He enjoyed preying on and eating young women from the ages of 20 to 25, with a preference for 22 year olds. A monstrous serial killer, Binolt was a worthy target for Killua and Gon’s training during their time on Greed Island.

Unfortunately, Binolt was not killed or captured, meaning that his crimes may yet remain unresolved. Granted, he told the boys that he would turn himself in, though this reasonably could have been from fear of reprisal.

5 Menos Grande Were Masses Of Hollows


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Bleach‘s Menos Grande were colossal monsters that loomed over any adversary. Given that they were comprised from numerous Hollows that had eaten one another until only one remained, their colossal size was understandable.

Regardless, Menos Grande are substantially more powerful than typical Hollows and take greater firepower to defeat. All the same, they still aren’t at Espada level, meaning that advanced shinigami should be able to defeat them so long as they kept their wits about them and did not underestimate the monsters.

4 Hera Tried To Eat Zeus

One Piece

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As a fragment of Big Mom’s own soul, Hera’s cannibalistic tendencies made sense. Shortly after being born, she was told to eat Zeus in order gain his strength. The Homie was happy to oblige in spite of her comrade’s previously upbeat and friendly demeanor.

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Given that Hera was capable of eating Zeus, it stands to reason that she could have eaten any other soul-based creature as well. Her ruthless attitude toward aggression surpasses Prometheus’, which means that it is fortunate for the Straw Hats that she had not been born during the events of Whole Cake Island.

3 Tabe’s Quirk Made Him Insatiable

My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia‘s Tabe had perhaps the most monstrous Quirk of Overhaul’s organization. Aptly named “Food,” he could bite, swallow, and digest anything that his mouth came into contact with. This made it an impractical albeit unbeatable offensive weapon, especially when used in tandem with his allies.

Tabe did not hesitate when biting at Suneater during the raid on the hideout, which flagrantly suggests his cannibalistic tendencies. Although Suneater was technically part animal at the time, the villain was not likely to distinguish a difference.

2 Ymir’s Children Ate Their Own Mother

Attack On Titan

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Ymir was once among the greatest Titans in history and the weapon that created the Eldian empire. However, when her time neared its end, King Fritz panicked about how to preserve his new borders. Desperately, Fritz ordered Ymir’s children to cannibalize their own mother’s body in hopes of passing down her powers.

Ultimately, this gambit proved a success, and her children each received a fraction of what would later become known as the nine shifters. Paradis’ walls were named in their honor, which illustrated the Karl Fritz had not forgotten Eldia’s roots.

1 Pride Ate Gluttony For Power

Fullmetal Alchemist

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Pride is a cannibal by the term’s strictest definition. Although he did not actively crave human flesh – or any sort of nutrient, for that matter – he knew that the Homunculus each had a Philosopher’s Stone and used that fact to his advantage.

When the heroes had the upper hand against Pride and Gluttony, the former ate the latter in a brutal and grisly display. Gluttony spent his final moments in bewilderment and confusion, unsure why his brother had betrayed him while being delivered to the series’ most ironic death.

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