The 10 Most Annoying Fantasy TV Characters

Joxer in Xena and Seladon in The Dark Crystal

There has been a massive influx of fantasy TV shows in the last decade, almost exclusively due to the rise of streaming platforms. That said, programs like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed must be credited for this genre’s burgeoning popularity, even if they’re basically relics at this point.

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Fantasy television today has reached a peak far beyond any of its predecessors — fans already have far too many series to watch in a single lifetime. Given this incessant surplus, it’s not surprising that there are numerous irksome characters populating these fantasy shows. These characters may be lovable or despicable, but they’re all consistently annoying.

10 General Kirigan Can Only Be Described As A Disagreeable Character

Shadow And Bone

Despite actor Ben Barnes’ overwhelming charm, the character of General Kirigan in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone can only be described as disagreeable. Not only does he regularly misuse his exalted position in the Ravkan political hierarchy, but he also shows zero concern for those affected by his complicated schemes.

Many people in the story refer to him as a villain, partly because the so-called Darkling employs unethical techniques, but mainly because he doesn’t seem to comprehend the concept of moral bankruptcy. That said, there are a few occasions when Kirigan has been somewhat tolerable.

9 Randyll Tarly Would Rather Murder His Own Son Than Have Him Around

Game Of Thrones

Randyll Tarley as part of the Lannister army in Game of Thrones

There are so many characters in Game of Thrones who can be called annoying, but none of them are half as irksome as Randyll Tarly. This man is possibly the worst father in Westeros, which is saying a lot given how terrible some parents are. He orders Samwell to take the Black on pain of death, brazenly proposing that he’d rather murder his own son than have him around.

Randyll even refuses to accept Daenerys’ terms of surrender, an act of defiance that leads to both his and his younger son’s death. Fans were delighted to watch Randyll consumed by dragonflame, as it meant Samwell could finally inherit House Tarly.

8 Kemen Doesn’t Intend To Be Annoying; He Just Comes Off That Way

The Rings Of Power

rings of power kemen (1)

Amazon’s The Rings of Power is an ostentatious tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien, but this LOTR prequel series isn’t totally tedious. There are several plot threads that lead to fascinating conclusions, many of which don’t even take place in the original mythos. Among them is Kemen, the alleged son of Chancellor Pharazôn.

When his father rejects his concern regarding Queen Regent Míriel’s journey to Middle-earth, Kemen decides to quash the endeavor using the foolishest method at his disposal. He actually tries to incinerate the Númenorean ships in the harbor, and would have likely succeeded without Isildur’s intervention. In his defense, Kemen doesn’t intend to be annoying; he just comes off that way.

7 Eden Hawkins’ Personality Is An Irritating Mixture Of Charismatic Naivety And Cold-Blooded Malice

Locke & Key

Locke and Key — Eden Hawkins

Hallea Jones’ portrayal of Eden Hawkins is arguably one of the best performances in Locke & Key. As Dodge mentions, this character isn’t “a bad person” just because “her parents dumped her at boarding school so they could go travel and party.” Eden’s miserable home life and negligent parents aside, she consistently annoys the protagonists throughout the show’s first two seasons.

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Her personality is a baffling mixture of charismatic naivety and cold-blooded malice, a combination that cements Eden as a narrative nuisance. However, fans were shocked when Frederick Gideon murdered her in the Season 2 finale, suggesting that she’s not entirely exasperating.

6 Fringilla’s Aggravating Demeanor Instantly Alienates Her From The Audience

The Witcher

Fringilla Vio at court, the witcher

Netflix’s The Witcher has taken extreme heat for its deviation from the original novels, but TV fans appreciate the show’s diverse mix of characters. While Henry Cavill will no longer be playing the iconic Geralt of Rivia after Season 3, most other characters are expected to remain the same.

This includes the Nilfgaardian sorceress Fringilla Vigo, a seemingly self-centered fanatic who doesn’t seem capable of basic compassion. Her aggravating behavior instantly alienates her from the audience, at last until she reveals her scrupulous side in Season 2. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done — viewers might pity Fringilla’s fate, but they sure don’t like her.

5 Joxer Compensates For His Annoying Nature By Becoming A Trustworthy Ally

Xena: Warrior Princess

Joxer in Xena

As strange as it may sound, every clue pertaining to the reincarnation process in Xena: Warrior Princess designates Joxer as Gabrielle and Xena’s soulmate. And yet, there is no character in the show more annoying than Joxer. He’s completely useless when it comes to battle, so much so that he usually gets in Xena’s way.

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In fact, Joxer’s triplet brothers Jace and Jett are considerably more appealing. Nevertheless, Joxer’s compensates for his annoying nature by becoming one of the most trustworthy allies in the story. Gabrielle eventually acknowledges his love for her, even if she doesn’t fully reciprocate Joxer’s feelings.

4 Richard Madoc’s Personality Isn’t Irritating As Much As Outright Obnoxious

The Sandman

Richard Madoc is driven to madness in The Sandman

Although Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is vastly superior to the Netflix version, the TV show isn’t wholly without merit. Several iconic comic-book storylines are brought roaring to life in this adaptation. The Calliope sequence is particularly noteworthy, as it mimics the original narrative thread with a remarkable degree of emotional authenticity.

Richard Madoc remains as shamelessly egotistical in the TV series as he was in the graphic novels. He outright lies to Calliope, claiming that he’d set her free as long as she dissipates his writer’s block. Madoc’s personality isn’t irritating as much as obnoxious, explaining why fans enjoyed watching him pay the price for his crimes.

3 Faith Has The Gall To Perceive Herself As An Innocent Victim Of The Scooby Gang’s Agenda

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

faith lehane brandishing a dagger

Buffy Summers’ temporary “death” at the end of Season 1 triggered the selection of a new Slayer. Kendra perished at Drusilla’s hands, allowing Faith Lehane to enter the picture. Faith and Buffy are two completely different peas in a pod — the only characteristic they share is their Slayer identity.

Faith unabashedly revels in the physical act of brutality, and still has the gall to perceive herself as an innocent victim of the Scooby Gang’s agenda. That said, her egregious actions are directly rooted in her abusive childhood, forcing viewers to empathize with her on some level.

2 Audiences Refuse To Tolerate Bruce Lowe’s Overt Misogyny

Stranger Things

Bruce in Stranger Things

Despite Stranger Things‘ sci-fi tag, it can be argued that this show features just as many fantasy elements — everything from Dungeons & Dragons to the eldritch nightmare known as the Upside Down. As such, Bruce Lowe is technically a fantasy character, albeit an extremely annoying one.

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As the “star journalist” working for The Hawkins Post, Lowe spends most of his time mocking Nancy Wheeler’s enthusiasm for writing rather than crafting decent headlines of his own. His overt misogyny might have been par for the course during the 1980s, but audiences in the 2010s refused to tolerate Lowe’s crass commentary.

1 Seladon Rejects Her Mother’s Ideals In Favor Of The Skesis Overlords

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

seladon in the dark crystal

Although Seladon takes her birthright a little too seriously, she’s only trying to do what’s best for the Vapra Clan. Her mother Mayrin tries to teach Seladon the difference between indiscriminate leadership and sympathetic governance. Unfortunately, Seladon rejects the All-Maudra’s ideals and blindly follows the will of the omnimalevolent Skeksis.

Aughra correctly refers to her as “a lost child,” stating that Seladon’s emotions negatively impact her perception of the world. Thankfully, Seladon soon realizes that the Skeksis are nothing more than villainous scavengers and decides to join the Gelfling Resistance.

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