The 18 Best Bungou Stray Dogs Abilities, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Bungou Stray Dogs The 15 Best Abilities, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Bungou Stray Dogs was created by mangaka Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa. The series takes real-life literary figures and turns them into fictional characters who have abilities based on the novel or poetry they wrote when they were alive.

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The characters in Bungou Stray Dogs are members of the Armed Detective Agency, and it follows their daily lives as well as their fight against Port Mafia. Their magnificent abilities range from extremely powerful to less than average. While some are truly incredible, others barely manage to make a difference.

Updated on January 20th, 2023 by Sarah Martin: Bungou Stray Dogs’ cast is inspired by famous authors, including Japanese, American, and Russian authors. Their abilities are often named after the author’s most popular novel or work. The abilities in Bungou Stray Dogs range from merely convenient to wickedly overpowered. We’ve added a few of the series’ most impressive abilities to this list.

18 Undefeated By The Rain Grants Super Strength

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Kenji Miyazawa has the ability Undefeated by the Rain, which is based on a poem. Despite the name, the ability actually enables Kenji to pick up anything heavyーbasically, he has super strength. It grants Kenji the ability to dismantle a train track with his bare hands and throw tanks across the street.

Undefeated by the Rain also seems to grant Kenji extra durability since he described getting kicked in the head by cows all the time as a kid, but he turned out alright. This is the most in a series full of supernatural abilities, and Kenji becomes almost useless when he’s hungry.

17 The Great Fitzgerald Is Great For Rich People

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The Great Fitzgerald is an ability only those with unlimited amounts of money can use, making it useless for anyone else. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s power allows him to get stronger the more money he spends.

Ultimately, this ability is only useful to the rich, which makes it pointless to anyone but Francis. If anyone else in the series had the ability, it’d basically be useless since most of the other characters aren’t nearly as wealthy as him.

16 The Matchless Poet Manifests Whatever Kunikida Writes In His Notebook

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Doppo Kunikida lives strictly by the ideals written in his notebook. This works well for him as his ability Lone Poet grants him the power to create objects by writing them down in his notebook.

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Doppo can also use pre-written pieces of paper to create items to support the other members of the Armed Detective Agency. Although his skill is useful, it is better used for support.

15 Discourse On Decadence Allows Ango To Read Memories

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Discourse On Decadence allows Ango to read memories on various items. He can extract information left on money, weapons, or even deceased humans.

This ability lets Ango act as a spy for the government and Port Mafia. The only downside of this ability is that if it’s overused, Ango suffers from extreme mental overload and gets burnt out. Sometimes, it’s so extreme that it causes physical symptoms.

14 All Men Are Equal Suppresses Other Abilities

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All Men Are Equal is the ultimate supportive ability held by the leader of the Armed Detective Agency, Yukichi Fukuzawa. As the name implies, All Men Are Equal allows Yukichi to suppress the abilities of the Armed Detective Agenc. But only those who have proven themselves worthy are able to be affected by it, making it useless against others.

However, since Yukichi has great swordsmanship and martial arts, he is still a force to be reckoned with, even without the ability. Due to the nature of this ability, every prospective member of the agency must undergo a personalized exam to gauge their strength.

13 The Overcoat Is Basically A Portal

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Nikolai will be a major antagonist during Bungou Stray Dogs‘ fourth season. However, even avid manga readers are a bit perplexed as to how his ability, The Overcoat, works. The Overcoat basically acts as a portal through which Nikolai can transfer anything.

The Overcoat is great for shoplifting and other crimes like kidnapping, wiretapping, or transferring explosive devices during a fight. The Overcoat functions through Nikolai’s cloak, which is basically the doorway to a 30-meter-long pocket dimension. Nikolai has transferred Atsushi’s leg, a revolver, and a telephone pole, as well as Fyodor, Sigma, and Dazai through his cloak.

12 Thou Shalt Not Die Only Works When Someone’s On The Brink Of Death

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Akiko Yosano the few female characters within Bungou Stray Dogs, as women are less likely than men to be recorded in history. She is based on a Japanese feminist as well as a poet. She possesses a rare ability named Thou Shalt Not Die that allows her to heal external wounds.

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Although this is a wonderful ability, the only people Akiko can use it on are those who have been fatally wounded. To overcome this flaw, she must “half-kill” them. As a result of her ability, Yosano can be pretty cruel when it comes to operating on people so they’re near death just so she can restore them afterward.

11 Demon Snow Takes Orders From A Phone Call

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Even without her ability, Kyouka Izumi is a formidable foe to come across in Bungou Stray Dogs. After she leaves Port Mafia and decides to become a member of the Armed Detective Agency, fans learn more about her ability and watch as she can use it by her own will. For a while, however, Demon Snow could only be activated by using a mobile phone.

Demon Snow only listens to orders from the phone, which is a big flaw before Kyouka gains control of it. Demon Snow utilizes a katana and has immense psychical capabilities.

10 Vita Sexulis Is Always Activated

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As the boss of Port Mafia, his underlings and many members of the Armed Detective Agency know Ogai Mori has an odd obsession with young girls. Ougai’s appearance as Elise is based on the story The Dancing Girl, and his ability is called Vita Sexualis, which is based on an erotic novel.

As Vita Sexualis is almost always active, many do not think twice about him walking around with Elise. When summoned, Elise can fly at high speeds and wields a giant syringe to hurt her opponents. She also does not die when defeated, and instead disappears.

9 The Perfect Crime Is Ranpo’s Natural Enemy

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Mushitaro’s The Perfect Crime is enough to stump any detective. Even Ranpo, the world’s greatest detective, couldn’t bypass it for a period of time. The Perfect Crime alters reality that allows Mushitaro to erase any and all evidence from a crime scene.

The Perfect Crime has a pretty gnarly visual too, since it manifests as tiny translucent organisms oozing out of Mushitaro’s body to do his dirty work. This ability isn’t combat-oriented, but it’s a pain in the neck for anybody trying to investigate a crime. It’s why Mushitaro is regarded as the “Detective Killer.”

8 Flawless Predicts The Future

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Sakunosuke Oda possessed the ability Flawless. It enabled him to predict whatever was going to happen five to six seconds into the future. Because of this, he could not be attacked by surprise and could stump foes’ plans before they could act on them.

RELATED: 10 Anime Series To Watch While Waiting For Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4Despite its name, Flawless is far from perfect. Oda can only see a few seconds into the future, so anything that requires more response time than that is still going to hurt him. But even so, Flawless is an extremely powerful ability.

7 Beast Beneath The Moonlight Turns Atsushi Into A White Tiger

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Atsushi Nakajima is the protagonist of Bungou Stray Dogs. He possesses the ability Beast Beneath the Moonlight, which enables him to transform into a white tiger. Although he could not control it at first, he learned how to partially change to boost his psychical capabilities, such as turning his feet into tiger feet to increase his speed.

Atsushi also gains enhanced senses of sight and smell, as one would expect from a tiger. The one flaw about his ability is that he faints after using it.

6 Dogra Magra Can’t Be Stopped With Most Other Abilities

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Kyuusaku Yumeno, otherwise called Q, was never revealed to be a boy or a girl, but they appear cute nonetheless. They possess an ability called Dogra Magra, based on the detective novel of the same name. Dogra Magra riddles their opponents with hallucinations and makes their opponents attack anyone they see

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Q must be hurt to activate Dogra Magra, but they always have razor blades in their arms to ensure it activates at the slightest touch. The only way to stop Q’s ability is with No Longer Human, which makes this even more of a threat.

5 No Longer Human Nullifies Other Abilities

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Osamu Dazai may not have the strongest physical ability, but he is nearly undefeatable throughout means of ability. He possesses the ability No Longer Human which enables him to nullify any ability another person utilizes with a single touch.

This makes Osamu essentially invulnerable if one tries to hurt him with an ability, although he can still be attacked or wounded by normal means. Some ability users are only able to be taken down by Dazai’s nullification, like Q’s Dogra Magra.

4 Rashoumon Is A Combative Powerhouse

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Ryuunosuke Akutagawa has the ability Rashoumon, which has many variations that he can utilize to his liking. His ability is summoned from his black coat or anything else he may be wearing and has the appearance of a shadowy beast.

Rashoumon can be used for defense and offense and is most powerful from a mid-range distance, though it is still one of the most deadly abilities in Bungou Stray Dogs at any range. The only flaw it has is that when Ryuunosuke is acting too emotionally, he cannot control it correctly.

3 Crime And Punishment Can Kill With A Single Touch

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Crime And Punishment is an ability held by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It’s still an enigma in Bungou Stray Dogs, but based on what fans have seen thus far, it’s terrifyingly powerful. Its results are instantaneous since Fyodor is seemingly able to kill someone with a single touch, as seen during his encounter with Karma.

It’s also worth noting that Crime And Punishment can bypass skin-to-skin touch since the government agent wearing gloves was still killed by Fyodor. It’s unclear if this ability can even be nullified.

2 Another Cannot Be Nullified

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Ayatsuji’s Another is so powerful that he’s classified as an A-Grade dangerous ability user. Not even Dazai’s No Longer Human can counteract this ability. Similar to the power of a Death Note, Ayatsuji’s Another inflicts an accidental death upon his victims.

Even if it needs to bypass or physically change any object impeding its progress, nothing can stop Another once Ayatsuji decides to kill the target. However, the only people who Ayatsuji can kill are criminals. Ayatsuji also admits that he doesn’t have much control over the ability.

1 Upon The Tainted Sorrow Is Devastating

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Chuuya Nakahara possesses the ability Upon The Tainted Sorrow, but the real power behind this ability is called Corruption. As the God of Calamity is within Chuuya, he does not have control over the true form of his ability and only uses it during the most desperate times.

Chuuya can create black holes, summon, move objects with his mind, and freeze his enemies in place. He will continue to use Corruption until he either runs out of power or Osamu Dazai deactivates it with No Longer Human.

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