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The Akazaya Nine Uses Oden’s Two-Sword Style: Paradise Totsuka Against Kaido In One Piece Episode 1005

One Piece Episode 1005

One Piece Episode 1005 reveals the showdown between Kaido and The Akazaya Nine. Kaido is mad that the Sulongs have punished the Number and Jack and decided to fight everyone singlehandedly. The Akazaya Nine takes on Kaido, who uses Blast Breath against them. Luffy and Sanji are clearing the hall while making their way to the rooftop where Kaido is. Queen continues to shoot the enemies and turns them into Ice Ogre monsters. In One Piece’s latest episode, the Samurai turned into Ice Ogre monsters, and Zoro wonders what happened. King is confident that the war will end if the Samurai loses hope.

Bao Huang appears, and King tells her to locate “Him.” Yamato continues to chase Momonosuke and Shinobu. But she lost sight of them after the explosion. Shinobu and Momonosuke appear on the roof, and Shinobu tells Momonosuke not to get fooled by Yamato. But Momonosuke believes Yamato that she is not lying and wants to protect him. Yamato finds them when they fall, and they continue to run. Black Maria plays her guitar inside the room alone. But her guitar strings get broken, and Kaido vs. The Akazaya Nine begins.

Kaido sends them flying using Blast Breath, and Kinemon appears above him. Kinemon jumps and climbs Kaido’s back, runs while saying that he will avenge Oden-sama. Kaido wonders if Kinemon is digging his grave by attacking him from above. Raizo and Senjiro pierce Kaido’s back with their blades, and Kinemon does the same. Dogstorm and Cat Viper also attack Kaido, who tries to shake his body to send them back. He managed to send them to the ground and realized that those fools were annoying him. Kaido uses Bolo Breath against the Akazaya Nine, but Ashura, Kiku, and Kawamatsu use their swords to block that.

Previously on One Piece Episode 1004

The episode title is “An Inherited Technique Unleashing “Oden’s Secret Swordplay.” Kaido made a huge blast, and after an explosion, he commented that The Akazaya Nine was boring and asked them if that was all they had. He adds that they are not even close to Oden’s swordplay. Kinemon gets up and reminds Kaido not to underestimate the power of Samurai since they will avenge Oden. Kaido thinks they are joking, and Kinemon had a flashback of Oden Two-Sword Style and all the journeys they have traveled together. He realizes that he never thought of inheriting Oden’s secret arts as Samurai of the Land of Wano.

One Piece Episode 1005

Kinemon is glad that he did it, and Oden’s will live on. Ashura and other members of Akazaya Nine scold him in the past and ask him if he thinks he is the only to who inherits Oden’s will. Kinemon believes that he is Oden’s best disciple, and Kiku tells him that she is the one who respects Oden the most and she is the inheritor. Raizo thought that it would be him and Kawamatsu told Raizo that he uses Shuriken and could leave Two-Sword Style on him. Dogstorm thinks Kawamatsu has a weird sword style, and it should be him to inherit it.

Cat Viper scolds Dogstorm and believes that he is the one. But Kinemon reveals that he loves Oden and will inherit the Two-Sword Style. They fight for that, but Momonosuke was practicing Oden Two-Sword Style and told them he was the one. They both call him sir and accept that Momonosuke is the inheritor of Oden Two-Sword Style. Kinemon cut Kaido’s Flames back to the battlefield and told the Akazaya Nine to fight together. They scold Kaido, who says they are not Oden.

One Piece Episode 1005 Release Date

One Piece Episode 1005 will be released on 26 December 2021. Cat Viper uses Crimson Cat Dance, Kwamatsu uses Kappa Style: River of Sea, Raizo sends Blast Breath back to Kaido, and Kaido wonders why they are hurting him when their attacks are nothing compared to Oden’s swordplay. Kaido recovered after those attacks and told them that they would never kill him. Kinemon realizes they wanted to inherit Oden’s Two-Sword Style, but they decided to use their styles. Let’s look at One Piece Episode 1005 official details.

One Piece Episode 1005
One Piece Episode 1005

Watch One Piece Episode 1005 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch One Piece Episode 1005 online on Netflix & Crunchyroll on Sunday at 9:30 AM JST. You can also watch One Piece Episode 1005 on Funimation & Animelab in countries where Crunchyroll is inaccessible. The Akazaya Nine uses Oden’s stance and unleashes Oden’s Two-Sword Style: Paradise Totsuka and attacks Kaido, who was impressed and remembered what Oden told him. Let’s meet when One Piece Episode 1005 is released.

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