The Best Anime Like KonoSuba

The Best Anime Like KonoSuba

KonoSuba: God’s Blessings on This Wonderful World! is a fantastic parody of isekai anime, replete with oodles of humor and gag. The plot kicks off when protagonist Kazuma Satou dies on his way back home. He’s awakened by a beautiful goddess Aqua who gives him two options, the first of which would send him straight to heaven. However, the second option requires him to help Aqua defeat the Demon King by entering a real-life RPG game world.

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Kazuma chooses the latter option and asks for Aqua’s company in his mission. The icing on the cake is that their adventures are far more dangerous than the visual game. With this basic premise, fans should know that KonoSuba also parodies the RPG-harem anime subgenre over the course of the storyline.

Updated on May 25, 2023 by Ajay Aravind:KonoSuba‘s satiric elements aren’t the only features that make this anime such a delightful treat. In fact, aspects like characterization and narrative structure have been praised by both critics and audiences. Finding anime exactly like KonoSuba might warrant a deep dive into isekai territory, but prospective viewers will certainly be pleased with the list we have to offer.



15 No Game No Life

No Game No Life features a pair of siblings who are also incredible strategy gamers; they even manage to best the God from another reality. Following their victory, they opt to enter a world that revolves around gaming, in which victory can lead to complete control of that world.

It sounds like an outlandish premise, but that’s the basic plotline for anime of this particular ilk. No Game No Life does manage to retain a certain charm, as the outline doesn’t do justice to the light-hearted storytelling. Due to this discrepancy, it’s best to check out the series and experience it firsthand.

14 The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Satan tries to conquer the world he’s from, but has to flee to Japan to avoid a hero out to defeat him. While hiding out in the normal world and looking for a way to escape, he works part-time at a fast food restaurant in the guise of a human boy — hence the title.

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The show is pretty much as kooky as it sounds, although the bizarre premise does manage to transform the literal devil into someone relatable and endearing. The Devil Is A Part-Timer! focuses on Satan’s development into a better person through his adventures in the normal world.

13 How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Takuma is a young man who’s mysteriously summoned to a virtual world by two girls. This pair endeavors to make him their slave and utilize his talent in the game. However, he turns the tables and becomes their master, following which he attempts to keep his stats high to blend into the game.

The overarching narrative of this anime has to do with the protagonist bonding with his would-be captors and finding out the truth behind his summoning. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord manages to bring a comedic element as well, which goes well with this outlandish premise.

12 In Another World With My Smartphone

A teenager is accidentally killed by God, but he’s resurrected in another world as a way of divine apology. He makes a wish to get his smartphone back, which gives him access to the human world’s information and helps him stand out and impress the ladies of his new environment.

After In Another World With My Smartphone gets going, the story becomes more about the main character being a Casanova than about the fantastical elements. And yet, this is where the anime’s charms lie, as the protagonist’s ability to win anyone over is something worth following.

11 Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?

Three children with incredible psychic powers are transported to a world known as Little Garden. After using their abilities to make small factions gain favor, they then decide to go up against the Demon Lords that continuously threaten Little Garden.

It’s the chemistry between the leads that serves as the hook for Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They? Although the title might make it appear as if the characters are no-gooders, they’re actually pretty engaging protagonists who serve as the audience’s surrogate in this fantasy world.

10 Daily Lives Of High School Boys

Almost everything about Daily Lives of High School Boys is delightful, from standard anime humor to biting satire and everything in between. The story is basically a comedic sketch of three high school friends, Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni.

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Every day they undertake certain unusual tasks, such as playing a crane game, visiting their grandmother, or eavesdropping on their friends. Each episode in Daily Lives of High School Boys is sort of segmented, with the plot so random and hilarious that viewers will never get bored.


When a mysterious gate opens in the Ginza, a district of Tokyo, elves and dwarfs emerge out of it. They start massacring everyone, destroying everything in their wake. The hero Youji, a member of Japan Self-Defense Forces, tries to save as many as he can. He’s eventually tasked as an envoy of peace and sent off to the other side of the gate.

GATE is a perfect blend of fantasy and real-life elements. A well-maintained army resonates more with real life, while the weird creatures beyond the gate resonate with fantasy. Simply put, GATE has everything that fans expect from the fantasy and harem anime genres.

8 Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri gained a quick reputation for being one of the funniest anime out there, and rightly, so. The protagonist is Yoshifumi Nitta, a Yakuza member who is hit in the head by a strange box, which opens to reveal a mysterious young girl named Hina.

Hina possesses supernatural powers that can be misused and cashed upon. In addition, Hina must use these powers continually to avoid going berserk. As a result, Yoshifumi embarks on a reluctant camaraderie with Hina. Hinamatsuri contains numerous episodes packed with incessant jokes, keeping audiences engaged throughout.

7 Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? is full of adventure and excitement, much like KonoSuba. It is based on the light novel DanMachi and was adapted into an anime by J.C. Staff. The story is fairly simplistic: Bell Cranel is a dungeon adventurer, besotted by Sword princess Aiz Wallenstein.

This beautiful blond Princess apparently saves Bell’s life once and since then he can’t stop dreaming about her. Soon, a goddess name Hestia takes Bell under her wing. Together the two embark on more adventures, but Bell begins pursuing Aiz Wallenstein at the same time, creating so many comedic interactions.

6 Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash has an RPG setting, which may remind fans of Sword Art Online. The story is based in the medieval town of Grimgar where survival takes precedence over all matters. When a bunch of strangers wake up in this town, they are ordered to slay monsters that threaten peace.

The ragtag team of strangers consists of Ranta, Yume, Shihoru, and Mogzo who have absolutely no idea as to what they are doing. The monster-defeating plot of Grimgar is similar to KonoSuba. Other than that, both anime shows are bloody, and adventure-filled — neither of them is more serious than the other.

5 The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

Comedy, school, Shonen, and the supernatural are genres that define The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. The plot deals with Saiki, a boy born with psychic, telepathic, X-ray vision, and numerous other abilities. Saiki wants to keep his talents to himself and lead a normal life. However, the people around him make it seemingly impossible to do so.

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Other than his veritable treasure trove of talents, Saiki talks to himself all the time, mostly roasting people and situations. There’s an endless gag commentary running inside his head that will have viewers dying of laughter. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K has since become a franchise, including video games and a live-action movie adaptation.

4 MonMusu

MonMusu is a classic harem comedy anime that revolves around the bizarre cultural exchange phenomenon between humans and other species. The objective of this exchange is to successfully integrate nonhuman species into society. A young girl called Kurusu volunteers to take part in the program.

Audiences will be surprised to know that there exists an ‘Interspecies Exchange Act’ that specifically prohibits any physical relations between humans and nonhumans. But here’s the catch: every non-human species wants Kurusu, a rather absurd plotline that ultimately pays off in spades.

3 Slayers

Slayers‘ female protagonist Lina Inverse is a 15-year-old sorceress who steals from bandits. As she’s about to mug a band of thieves, the nincompoop Gourry Gabriev appears out of nowhere. He takes her for a helpless little girl and thwarts her original plan. As the story progresses, the two of them decide to join teams.

As it happens, their tomfoolery ends up upsetting a dark lord. More shenanigans befall their team as they escape the dark lord’s minions. The plot strikes a blurred line between comedy, adventure, and fantasy. In any case, Slayers doesn’t take itself seriously enough to be considered a hard-hitting RPG harem anime.

2 Pop Team Epic

Another gag anime, Pop Team Epic is an absurd sketch comedy in every sense of the word. Also known as Poputepipikku, it takes gag humor to another level but with an overdose of pop culture references.

Pokémon, Donkey Kong, Shawshank Redemption, Top Gun, and several other iconic names are referenced in this anime. The anime protagonists, Popuko and Pipimi, specialize in meta jokes, dark humor, and countless parodies. Pop Team Epic‘s beauty lies in its arbitrariness, although the anime series also contains a hefty dose of heart and soul.

1 Gintama

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Gintama one of the greatest comedic anime of all time. The basic premise is based around the invasion of Earth by outer space aliens called The Amanto, who seize control of Japan’s feudal era. Samurais have been banned, along with most humans carrying swords.

This is where Gintoki, a comedic odd-jobber, enters the picture. Due to his endless shenanigans, Gintoki lands himself in trouble with the Amanto, the police, and practically everyone else in the story. Each episode is more hilarious than the previous one. Gintama is an absolute pleasure to watch, even if it has over 300 episodes.

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