The Best Deals From the Essential Picks Sale

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As video game technology has advanced over the decades, more and more games of various genres have begun to crop up. From platformers to strategy games and everything in between, there are tons of exciting titles that are available to explore. But considering some of them aren’t as affordable as others, many gamers are forced to let these must-play titles pile up until a sale or discount is announced. Thankfully, the PlayStation Store has just the thing for those games with the Essential Picks Sale.

PlayStation’s Essential Picks Sale — running from now until March 29 — is a great chance for gamers to get top-of-the-line AAA games and classic throwbacks for discounts at great discounts. With so many options, players can explore different types of games they may not have otherwise tried, perhaps even finding a new favorite in the process.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Showcases the Power of a Jedi

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On sale for $4.99 (regular price $49.99; 90% off)

Following the discontinuation of service for Star Wars: Battlefront II, it seemed like the future of Star Wars games was limited. However, EA and Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order proved otherwise. The game featured a Soulslike experience surrounding Order 66 survivor Cal Kestis on his journey to learn the ways of the Force and find an important artifact while facing the Empire and Darth Vader himself. It’s not an easy game, but it’s a sprawling open galaxy experience with challenging combat. While the standard edition remains full price, the deluxe edition is just $4.99 and includes new skins, an art book, and behind-the-scenes content — just in time for its sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which releases next month.

It Takes Two Is a GOTY Winner That Redefines Co-Op Gameplay

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On sale for $19.99 (regular price $39.99; 50% off)

Co-op experiences were the original multiplayer games. With two characters on the screen, these kinds of titles allowed friends and families to create fun memories and connect like never before. However, the sub-genre has seemingly fallen to the wayside as competitive and online multiplayer began to take center stage. It Takes Two made co-op more than a mechanic and created an entire narrative around working together to complete missions. The game follows a couple planning to divorce who are turned into clay and yarn creations. As May and Cody, players must work together to find a way back to the couple’s daughter, rekindling the character’s love for one another along the way.

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Cuphead Is a Challenging & Groundbreaking Run and Gun

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On sale for $13.99 (regular price $19.99, 30% off)

Run and Gun action games have been a foundation of gaming ever since arcade games came into the picture. But as technology advanced, it fell to the wayside for some time. However, Cuphead has reignited interest in the genre by offering challenges in an art-style that catches the eyes of all kinds of gamers. Cuphead follows Cuphead and his pal Mugman after he sold their souls to the Devil in a casino. Now, to keep them, players must face difficult bosses to collect souls to replace their own. The game’s classic rubber hose animation mixed with its fun music made it a blast from the past while its modern difficulty ensured success would feel like a genuine reward.

Evil Dead: The Game Is a Groovy Look at a Classic Franchise

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On sale for $29.99 (regular price $59.99; 50% off)

Horror games have evolved quite a bit over the years, with asymmetrical multiplayer titles becoming more and more prevalent. These games allow groups of friends to experience fun and frights together, and fans of the Evil Dead franchise can do the same in Evil Dead: The Game. In it, players take the roles of the series’ heroes, like Ash Williams, and villains to face off in various missions. However, there are more than enough surprises to keep the horror alive as well as an equally fun single-player component. The game is a bloody good time and perfect for fans of horror games looking to take the fight back to the monsters, and the sale even includes the Season 1 Pass and four DLC Packs.

Tales of Arise Is Another Great Entry In the Hit JRPG Series

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Deluxe Edition on sale for $29.74 (regular price $84.99; 65% off)

Bandai Namco’s Tales franchise has a tradition of telling sprawling stories in a JRPG environment complete with fun gameplay, and the latest entry, Tales of Arise, is no different. It has players exploring a new world as an amnesiac who goes by the name “Iron Mask” (later Alphen). The players control Alphen and his party as they face the lords of various realms and hopefully bring the long-fractured lands together. Tales of Arise is a fun JRPG experience with a powerful story and kinetic gameplay. While only the deluxe edition is on sale, includes various resources and costumes for a lower price than the base game alone.


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