The Best Series 3 Cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap Aero Official Artwork and Arnim Zola card

Marvel Snap is an ever-evolving TCG that continually introduces new cards. Developer Second Dinner locks cards behind Collection Levels, split into multiple Series, to make sure players aren’t overwhelmed and provide a sense of progression.

Once players finish Series 2, which is around Collection Level 500, Series 3 cards become available in Collector’s Caches, earned every eight levels. Every two out of four Collector’s Caches contains a Series 3 card. In Marvel Snap, Series 3 is full of the most powerful, meta-defining cards that can shift the scales at a moment’s notice. Many of these cards are staples in long-lasting decks that dominate the meta, like Aero and Arnim Zola.


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Aero Is a Strong Control Card That’s Hard to Pin Down

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Aero is a fun control card that accents multiple archetypes in Marvel Snap. It has an On Reveal ability that moves the opponent’s last-played card to Aero’s location. Aero shines in decks that center around controlling where the opponent can play their cards. It can be highly effective to move opponent’s important game-winning cards when they least expect it, and it’s a strong pick in multiple disruptive decks.

Some of the most prevalent decks on Marvel Snap‘s ladder use Aero and Sandman. These cards work excellently together — Sandman prevents both players from playing more than one card per turn. This is hugely disruptive and outright counters Zoo decks that rely on playing lots of cards. On top of this, following up Sandman with Aero helps to throw a spanner in the works and ensure a win at the other two locations.

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Black Cat Fits Perfectly Into Any Discard Deck

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Black Cat is one of Marvel Snap‘s most unique cards. It’s a 7-Power card for just 3 Energy, which is extremely strong for its cost, but its ability is the most interesting part. If it’s still in-hand at the end of the turn it’s drawn, Black Cat discards itself. This might seem detrimental on its own, but it has excellent synergy with Marvel Snap decks that play lots of cards and empty their hand quickly, like Zoo decks.

Above all, Black Cat works extremely well with Strong Guy, a 4-Cost, 4-Power card. If players play Strong Guy without any cards in-hand, it gets a whopping +6 Power, making it an extremely effective mid-to-late game card to secure one location. Decks using Black Cat and Strong Guy work best alongside Swarm, Sword Master, Blade and Blue Marvel for an effective way to climb Marvel Snap‘s ladder.

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Dracula Discard Is a Formidable Threat

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Dracula is fun and remarkably powerful in Marvel Snap‘s Discard decks. At the end of the match, players discard a card and Dracula gets its power. Players using Dracula decks should include Marvel Snap‘s most powerful Discard cards, like Sword Master, Lady Sif, Apocalypse, and Blade, which allow for great hand control and fuel finishers like Hela.

Interestingly, players can also build Dracula with America Chavez and The Infinaut. Both of these cards have massive power and enable an overwhelming Turn 6 combo. Playing America Chavez on Turn 6 with Dracula on the field and only The Infinaut left in-hand turns Dracula into a 20-Power behemoth.

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Arnim Zola Is Explosively Powerful in Destroy Decks

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Marvel Snap‘s Arnim Zola destroys another card at its location and summons copies of it to other locations. It’s an interesting effect that’s devastating in the right decks, and combining Arnim Zola with Devil Dinosaur is a force to be reckoned with. Players take advantage of cards like Moon Girl and Cosmo to consistently pull off the combo.

Moon Girl allows players to duplicate their hand, hugely buffing Devil Dinosaur’s Power, while Cosmo negates On Reveal effects, shutting down cards that could potentially stop Arnim Zola and Devil Dinosaur’s abilities. The strategy leads to formidable combos in the late game that overwhelm opponents with enormous amounts of Power, and it’s a sure-fire way to victory.


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