The Best Yuji Itadori Quotes In Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori is the beloved protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. Even though he was forced into the world of jujutsu sorcery after swallowing one of Sukuna’s fingers, Yuji faces all of the challenges ahead of him with unmatched bravery and optimism. He is a shonen protagonist unlike any other, which is part of the reason why Jujutsu Kaisen is so successful.

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Despite all the terrible things Yuji endures throughout Jujutsu Kaisen, he’s never wavered in his positivity or lost his sense of humor. Yuji has a few standout quotes throughout Jujutsu Kaisen, ranging from hilarious lines to deeply philosophical utterances.

Updated on May 9, 2023, by Kennedy King: Although the Jujutsu Kaisen anime has yet to release its second season, the series’ source manga continues to pave ahead. With the beloved shonen now deep into the Culling Game, its protagonist Yuji has uttered countless memorable quotes that deserve recognition.

Spoilers ahead for Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami!



“I’ll Take On Your Share Of Suffering”

Chapter 127: “The Shibuya Incident, Part 44”

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“I’m sorry, Nanamin. I was about to take the easy way out. I was about to use my sins as an excuse to run away. I’ll be sure to take on your share of suffering too, Nanamin.” — Yuji Itadori

After witnessing what Mahito did to Nobara, Yuji’s grief and guilt pile on top of him. If it weren’t for Todo coming in at the right time to snap Yuji back, he admits that he would have used his regrets as an excuse to run away from the fight in front of him. He recalls the memories of the people he lost during the Shibuya incident and a mental image of Nanami. As though he were talking to his deceased mentor, Yuji apologizes for his lack of resolve and pledges to carry on Nanami’s legacy moving forward.

“At First, It Just Kinda Happened”

Episode 21/Chapter 54: “Jujutsu Koshien”

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“It just sorta happened. I tend to get lonely. I wanna help a lot of people, so when I die, I want to be surrounded by a lot of people.” — Yuji Itadori

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During the baseball game that closes out the Goodwill Event, Noritoshi asks Yuji why he became a jujutsu sorcerer. Yuji states that his initiation into the world of jujutsu sorcery was an accident, but he quickly follows it up by explaining the relationship between his path and the final wish of his grandfather. Viewers rarely receive such a direct glimpse into Yuji’s motivations, so this moment is particularly meaningful to his character.

“What If You Made Me Even Dumber Than I Already Am?!”

Episode 15/Chapter 34: “Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event – Team Battle, Part 1”

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“You think you can just pound my head like that? What if you made me even dumber than I already am?” — Yuji Itadori

After Aoi and Yuji start fighting during the Goodwill Event, it quickly turns into a heated brawl between the two sorcerers. Aoi eventually headbutts Yuji so hard that he crashes into a nearby tree. The bleeding starts instantly, and Yuji doesn’t waste any time standing up and scolding Aoi for what he did. Itadori exclaims that Aoi’s attack could have caused him to become even less intelligent, only for the muscle-bound sorcerer’s response to be equally hilarious. He states that his favorite idol, Takada-chan, believes that men are perfect when they’re a bit stupid.

“Ocean, Pacific, Peace”

Episode 14/Chapter 32: “Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event – Team Battle, Part 0”

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“Oppappi!” — Yuji Itadori

After Sukuna riips out Yuji’s heart in the Cursed Womb arc, he has to lie low. For several episodes, many believed he was dead. However, Yuji and Satoru eventually come up with a plan to surprise everyone at the Goodwill Event. When the big day came, Satoru rolled Yuji into the event inside a giant box. Yuji popped out of the box and yelled “Oppappi!” — a reference to Yoshio Kojima’s signature comedy routine. Yoshio thanked Gege Akutami for featuring his skit in the anime and posted a video of himself copying Yuji.

“I Figured You’d Be The Best One To Train Me”

Episode 6 / Chapter 12: “After The Rain” / “Pushing Forward”

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“It’s just that if I’m gonna learn, I’m happy that it’s from you, Sensei! I’m weak and couldn’t help anyone. I even almost got Fushiguro killed. I can’t see them yet, not the way I am now. I want to become strong. Please teach me how to become the strongest!” — Yuji Itadori

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After Yuji dies and comes back to life, Satoru decides that the best course of action is to hide him and train him in the meantime. Since Satoru is the strongest sorcerer on the planet, it’s an honor for any novice to be trained by him. When Gojo informs Yuji about his plan to train the novice sorcerer, Yuji sports a goofy smile and responds, “If I’m gonna learn, I’m happy that it’s from you, Sensei!” Dangerous curses and rogue sorcerers often interrupt the two, making this a much-needed moment of connection.

“Smart People Usually Don’t Brag About Being Smart”

Chapter 86: “The Shibuya Incident, Part 4”

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“People who are smart don’t really go around saying that themselves.” — Yuji Itadori

One of the first fights of the Shibuya Incident is Yuji Itadori’s clash against the Grasshopper Curse. This grotesque creature spawned from humanity’s fear of grasshopper-related plagues and gained enough power to be a Grade-Two Cursed Spirit. The Grasshopper Curse is not particularly intelligent, but it tries to convince everyone otherwise. Throughout its fight with Yuji, it repeatedly asserts that it is very smart. Before Yuji begins his brutal beatdown on the insect-like curse, he satisfyingly informs it that the smartest individuals rarely talk about their own intelligence.

“Consuming Sukuna Is Something Only I Can Do”

Episode 2/Chapter 3: “For Myself”

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“Consuming Sukuna is something only I can do. If I managed to escape my death sentence and ran away from this responsibility, I’d sit around eating food, bathing, or reading manga. And when I’d get a moment to think, I’d think, ‘Oh, I bet someone is dying because of Sukuna right now,’ and get depressed.” — Yuji Itadori

Yuji enjoys many standout moments in Jujutsu Kaisen, but few rival when he passes Masamichi’s test. Yuji needs to prove that he is worthy of attending Jujutsu Tech to pass the test, but Yuji’s answer doesn’t impress Masamichi. After the cursed dolls batter him, Yuji gives Masamichi the answer he was looking for. While he’s always been proficient in sports and martial arts, Yuji recognizes that there was never anything that only he could do. However, in restraining Sukuna, Yuji has found something that gives him purpose, demonstrating that he will carry out the work of a jujutsu sorcerer.

“What Do You Think You’re Doing With My Body?”

Episode 1/Chapter 1: “Ryomen Sukuna”

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“What do you think you’re doing with my body? Give it back.” — Yuji Itadori

Once Yuji Itadori swallows the first of Sukuna’s fingers, the King of Curses temporarily takes over his body. However, Yuji is quick to regain a bit of control, prompting a unique interaction between the two diametrically-opposed characters. Sukuna can’t believe that Yuji is still able to talk. Yuji innocently replies, “I mean, it’s my body.” As eerie as this scene is, it is still hilarious to see two separate consciousnesses holding a conversation within the same body. Unfortunately, their relationship is rarely so amicable.

“Even If You Come Back As Another Curse, I’ll Kill You”

Chapter 132: “The Shibuya Incident, Part 49”

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“I wanted to reject you — convince myself that you were wrong. But that doesn’t matter now; I’m gonna kill you. Even if you come back as another curse, I’ll kill you. Change your name. Change your form. I’ll kill you again.” — Yuji Itadori

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Mahito has been a thorn in Yuji’s side for a while in Jujutsu Kaisen, but the Shibuya Incident only makes the sorcerer hate this patchwork curse even more. As if what Mahito put Junpei through wasn’t enough, the curse opts to break Yuji’s spirit by killing Nanami in front of him, then possibly ending Nobara. Later, Yuji and Aoi Todo overcome Mahito, and Yuji eventually deals the final blows. As the sorcerer looks at a bloodied and bruised Mahito, he states with the above quote with deadly intensity.

“I Won’t Regret The Way I Lived”

Episode 2/Chapter 3: “For Myself”

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“Even if none of this really involves me, there’s no way I can convince myself that it’s not my fault. No thanks. I can’t say what I’ll be thinking when I die, but I’m not gonna regret the way I live!” — Yuji Itadori

Yuji’s final answer to Masamichi is one of the most memorable moments in the entire series. Jujutsu Kaisen‘s protagonist explains the regret and sorrow he would feel if he didn’t take accountability for his choices, which elicits some pushback from Masamichi. The principal explains that no sorcerer has died without regret, but Yuji boldly refutes that sentiment. The young curse-bearer states that he refuses to regret the way that he lives, which earns a smile from both Principal Masamichi and Satoru Gojo.

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