The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Homelander Shows His Real Face To The Public

Homelander progressively drifted to the brink of madness in Episode 1, and in The Boys Season 3 Episode 2, he finally shows his actual identity, his egotistical personality. Aside from Homelander’s transition arc, Episode 2 recounts the truth of representative Victoria Neuman, the head popper who ruthlessly murdered a fellow member, Tony, who was in a group home named Red River Institute with her.

Even though Hughie is shaken by this new information, he waits until the very finish of the episode to tell Billy the truth about Neuman. Billy, on the other hand, is undecided about whether or not to take a dose of compound V24. He also paid a visit to his old buddy Marvin in order to learn more about Soldier Boy, who, like Homelander, has a violent history.

“The Only Man in the Sky” transforms the mad supe into a ticking bomb of hatred, arrogance, and pent-up wrath as his yearly televised birthday celebration approaches. Fun! Meanwhile, Kimiko, Butcher, and Frenchie try to track down Soldier Boy’s old Payback mates for information. Oh, and one of those V-24 vials is utilized… Let’s take it a step deeper.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

In The Boys Season 3 Episode 1, When a guy named Tony from Neuman’s foster home, Red River, pays her a visit, Hughie learns the truth about his new boss. After experiencing such a slaughter, Hughie was horrified to his core by Neuman’s brutal murder of Tony in the alley. When Hughie arrived at the Red River Institute, he discovered that it was a unique group home for superhuman children who had been abandoned by their parents when their parents discovered their children’s unstable superpowers. Hughie learned Nadia was adopted by Stan Edgar via Red River’s data, which he kept hidden because he planned to place her in opposition to support her father from the other side.

Nadia was adopted by Stan Edgar
The Boys Season 3 Episode 2: Nadia was adopted by Stan Edgar

Hughie eventually revealed Neuman’s true name to Billy, as well as the that the whole system was controlled by the Vought. To keep the population engaged, they played both the bad as well as the good guys. Almost all of the super-criminals caught by Billy and his squad got away so easily because Neuman was clearly working for Vought. Billy linked the dots as soon as he realized the reality and realized that he was being used as a puppet by Stan Edgar. To defeat the “supes” at their own sport, he finally decided to infuse himself with compound V24.

Mother’s Milk Back In The Game

Marvin mentioned in The Boys Season 2 Episode 4 that his late dad was a small-time ethical lawyer who stood up to the Vought following an event between the firm and his family. His father fought until the end and passed away at the age of 55, but his family was never given justice. However, the feeling of vengeance, or sickness, as Marvin called it, was handed down to him, and as a result, Marvin, like his father, became obsessed with the superhero corporation and finally met Billy The Butcher.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 2The Boys Season 3 Episode 2
The Boys Season 3 Episode 2: Mother’s Milk Back In The Game

Billy went to Marvin’s residence in The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 since he was the only person who possibly had all of the information concerning Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy had caused some innocent casualties to a Harlem family while trying to arrest a thief in the neighborhood, according to certain newspaper clippings. Someone from Marvin’s family had been killed that day, and Marvin’s father had launched a legal lawsuit against Vought to put Soldier Boy in jail, but he had failed to accomplish so during his lifetime. Marvin initially declined to get involved in the pursuit of Soldier Boy’s partners, Crimson Countess & Gunpowder, but he did provide Billy with some useful information.

Marvin finally recognized at the end of the episode that regardless of how much he wanted to spend time with his daughter, he couldn’t since his calling was chasing down villainous superheroes and putting an end to the struggle against Vought that his late dad had begun. So, without further ado, he expressed his desire and visions to Monique and thus chose to return to Billy and rejoin the gang.

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Billy Kills A Supe By Becoming A Supe

Billy was undecided about whether or not to utilize the serum. He decided to go for Soldier Boy’s teammate without using his superpowers, but he failed miserably. He dispatched Frenchie & Kimiko to collect data from Crimson Countess, who began playing at a Vought-owned superhero amusement park after Soldier Boy’s death and singing songs of praise for him. Frenchie & Kimiko attempted to learn the truth about Soldier Boy’s unexplained death in a nuclear accident, but Crimson Countess fooled them and disappeared before they could learn the truth.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 2The Boys Season 3 Episode 2
The Boys Season 3 Episode 2: Billy Kills A Supe Bye Becoming A Supe

Billy, on the other hand, went to Gunpowder’s 33rd annual weapon conference in order to question him, but instead of speaking with him, he drew a gun and shot Billy in the knee, forcing him to flee. Hughie told Billy about Neuman’s origins and how she misused him as a puppet at this point of failure. Billy does not enjoy being used as a toy, so in a fit of vengeance, he shot himself with compound V24 in order to confront Gunpowder with his newly acquired superpowers. When Gunpowder discovered Billy was bullet-proof, and his weapons couldn’t stop him, he was upset.

He eventually told him the truth, that the entire crisis was a fake arrangement staged by the government. He even revealed to Billy that the Payback was serving for CIA deputy director Grace Mallory, who had assigned them on an assignment in Nicaragua during which Soldier Boy had vanished. Gunpowder had no idea what else to do, so after Billy was done torturing him, he chopped his head in half with the laser beam, thus slaughtering a “supe” after a year. Billy now realizes that the only person who can give more light on the Soldier Boy issue is Mallory, and he will most likely pay her a visit in the upcoming episode.

Stormfront Commits Suicide

Stormfront’s dominance and the way she openly revealed her affections for the big dude were the first things Homelander appreciated about her. Homelander may be the most powerful superhero in people’s heads, but there is a tender heart within that superhuman body that yearns for love and a feeling of belonging. Homelander was formed in a lab and lived his entire childhood within metal doors, so he never even had a family in the traditional sense. Stormfront filled that gap in Season 2, but she was as lifeless as a corpse after losing her legs, hand, voice, and powers, and she couldn’t love anyone, not even herself.

Stormfront Commits SuicideStormfront Commits Suicide
The Boys Season 3 Episode 2: Stormfront Commits Suicide

Homelander walked away from Stormfront in The Boys Season 3 Episode 1 like an immature and heartless child, and that undoubtedly crushed her heart. As a result, when Homelander came to see her on his birthday, she didn’t even bother to wish him or even blink at him to initiate conversation. Stormfront has eventually accepted her end, as seen by the small tear that fell from her eye.

Homelander learned about Stormfront’s death while attempting to save a young girl named Claire and persuade her not to leap from the building. Stormfront bled to death on the hospital bed after biting her tongue. It was the killer blow to the Homelander’s sanity that we had all been waiting for. He pushed Chelsea to jump off the roof in his rage, and she did so out of terror, finally killing herself.

Homelander Goes Bullocks

When a member of the crowd labeled Stormfront a Nazi that reminded Homelander of her passing during his birthday celebration, he finally lost his cool and chose to reveal his true character to the people rather than faking to be a superhero for them. Until now, anytime Homelander rescued someone, he usually told them that they were the true heroes, but now he has made it absolutely clear that he is the hero present and that they need him to defend or save them, not the other way around. He poured his heart out on national tv, telling the audience that he had been tamed by the wealthy and had obeyed their dictates his entire life, but that would no longer be the case.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 2The Boys Season 3 Episode 2
The Boys Season 3 Episode 2: Homelander Goes Bullocks

Homelander is unconcerned about what others think of him, and even less so with his PR scores, which are the only way Edgar can keep Homelander under control. What’s frightening about Homelander’s entire identity speech is that if people adore him for who he is, it will give him unlimited freedom to cause mayhem in the world, and we all know what Homelander’s lunacy looks like.

So far in the series, his sole concern has been public opinion and approval, and if that is taken away as well, there will be no way to stop the true monster living inside him. Once he’s free of each of these restraints, he’ll undoubtedly start killing people in public without fear or guilt, as he did with Chelsea, and that’ll be the end of it.

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