The Conners Boss Addresses Sean Astin’s Future on the Show

Tyler in The Conners

The Conners executive producer Bruce Helford recently opened up about Sean Astin’s future on the ABC sitcom.

Helford weighed in on the possibility of Astin reprising the Tyler role in The Conners Season 6 in an interview with TVLine. “Absolutely,” he said. “Whenever we bring in a new love interest, we’ve got to watch the chemistry, because we never know [if it will work]. But we love Sean, and [he and Becky actor Lecy Goranson] were great together, so we definitely want to bring them back together and see what we can find there.” Astin guest-starred as Tyler, a good-natured FedEx pilot, in a single episode of The Conners Season 5: Episode 20, “What’s So Funny About Peas, Love and Understanding?”


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The Lord of the Rings veteran isn’t the only high-profile star to show up in The Conners over the course of its five-season run, either. Acclaimed actors such as Mary Steenburgen, Dan Aykroyd, Whoopi Goldberg and Christopher Lloyd have all made guest appearances on the show, with Lloyd reprising a role he previously played in The Conners‘ parent series, Roseanne. The Hollywood legend apparently enjoyed his brief stint on The Conners, expressing interest in playing Mark’s (Ames McNamara) contrabassoon teacher Lou again. “Maybe the story goes that Mark, at a certain point, auditions for a very special school or whatever, and Lou has to come back,” Lloyd suggested. “I would love it.”

Why David Didn’t Appear in The Conners’ Season 5 Finale

That said, some of The Conners‘ planned guest appearances haven’t panned out. Notably, Helford and fellow executive producer Dave Caplan wanted to bring back David actor Johnny Galecki for the spinoff’s Season 5 finale, “The Grad Finale,” however, scheduling conflicts ultimately scuppered these plans. Despite this, the pair were apparently satisfied with how the finale turned out, noting that its focus was really on Mark’s relationship with his stepfather, Ben (Jay R. Ferguson), instead. “[W]hat we’re saying is that David didn’t come through for [Mark] and Ben did. With all of the complications of being a Conner, Ben stepped up,” Caplan explained.

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Helford and Caplan also said that Galecki remains a “big fan” of The Conners and wouldn’t rule out the possibility of him returning in a future episode of the show. ABC recently renewed The Conners for a sixth season, which Helford previously hinted could also be its last.

The Conners is Season 5 is currently streaming on the ABC app. Season 6 does not yet have a release date.

Source: TVLine


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