The Deliverer by Linda Rios Brook

Another Winner – Book Two in the Reluctant Demon Diaries

“The Deliverer” follows “Lucifer’s Flood” in the “Reluctant Demon Diaries” series. Linda Rios Brook’s approach in the series reminds me of the C. S. Lewis classic “Screw-tape Letters.” Linda has created a fresh look into the Biblical account of Israel’s history from the time of Moses through to the days of Joshua’s leadership, relating these familiar Biblical stories from the Bible to spiritual warfare as being experienced today.

The story is told by a narrator who was as an eyewitness reporter to the events related throughout this fictional account of Biblical history. The story revolves around Ancient-Language expert Samantha Yale who been entrusted with a set of ancient scrolls. Samantha translates the scrolls, which contain a behind the scenes account of the life of Moses. The author of the scrolls is a fallen angel who expresses grief over the day he first listened to Lucifer.

Brook has created unique, extraordinary word pictures and mental images which become embedded on the reader’s mind, providing a whole panorama of new insights into the spirit world, demonic stratagem, and the consequences of pursuing evil. Brook communicates her understanding and personal experience of the depths of God’s love, forgiveness, and compassion.

“The Deliverer” is written especially for young adult readers who are attracted to the recent popular trend of books which deal with the themes of heaven and hell and spiritual warfare. Readers of Brook’s earlier book “Lucifer’s Flood” will also enjoy this creative, highly imaginative, entertaining, and inspiring novel. An extraordinary read.

Realms A Strang Company, 978-1599794761

As reviewed for Midwest Book Review

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