The Executioner And Her Way Of Life Episode 6 Release Date: Orwell Releases A Huge Monster

The Executioner and Her Way Of Life Episode 6

The latest Episode of Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road was just released this Saturday on 30 April 2022, and it took fans by surprise. The Episode titled “Goodbye,” did not go exactly how fans expected it to be. With Menou and Akari finally at Garm, we were expecting to see something happen to the latter, who was scheduled to be assassinated by the higher-ups at the church. Things took a turn, and Orwell, who everyone trusted, turned out to be the real villain. With everything around Menou and her ideals shaking up, fans are excited to see what The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 6 has in store for them.

With such a plot twist in the series, fans are left wondering – will Menou remain true to her ideals? Can Akari be saved, or is she destined to die for Menou’s character development? What will become of the mysterious Princess Ashuna, who seems to know a lot about the politics of Garm? All this will come next Saturday when we get to dive into this unique isekai world again. If you are curious about the release date of the next Episode, read on to find out about streaming details and everything that you need to know.

The Executioner And Her Way of Life

The Executioner and Her Way Of Life Episode 5 Recap

After going through a series of difficult events, including infiltration by gangsters and a whole train accident that was reversed, the day for Akari’s execution was finally here. Oblivious to Menou’s ulterior motives of taking her to her death, all Akari has to offer Menou is gratitude and love on her side. On multiple occasions, it is seen that the human girl is absolutely enchanted by the priestess and wants to be closer to her in the last few remaining days in her world. They visit places, go looking around the city and spend some more time together and we can see that Menou, too, is slowly getting fond of her new companion. The viewers can see that she has started to feel cruel for betraying Akari, who trusted her and looked up to her so much.

Still from The Executioner And Her Way of Life

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When the time for execution finally comes, and everything is set up, with even the high priestess ready, is when things start to take a turn. Throughout the Episode, we also see Momo, who is on a side mission to find girls who were Lost Souls that went missing. During this errand, she runs into Ashuna, and together they happen to come across a summoning chamber under the royal palace – proving that the Noblesse is involved in the case of the missing Lost Souls. That is when Momo realizes that the Noblesse has no knowledge of summoning rituals and that they would require a priest of high ranking in order to go about it. The missing pieces add up together, and she sends a signal to Menou stating that Orwell is the culprit behind everything.

Still form The Executioner And Her Way of Life

This happens just in the nick of time, and Menou jumps in to try and stop the ritual. However, disruptions happen, and Orwell finally reveals that her real motive was to use Akari’s Pure Concept and Menou in order to restore her youth and stop her from aging. The Episode ends in a cliffhanger – wherein Akari is forced and tied up, immobilized, and Orwell releases a huge monster to stop Menou.

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The Executioner and Her Way Of Life Episode 6 Release Date

The Executioner and Her Way Of Life Episode 6 will release on May 7, 2022, at 12:30 am JST. The next episode of The Executioner and Her Way Of Life will be titled ‘Regression: Memory, Soul, Mind.”

Watch The Executioner and Her Way Of Life Online – Streaming Details

Popular streaming websites like Crunchyroll or Netflix do not stream The Executioner and Her Way of Life, but you can watch the series on HIDIVE.

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